Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Day Out at RSPB Newport Wetlands

While the weather is still sunny and mild we are trying to get out at least once a week with Bear. He is only one so lots of outdoor places are not really for him. He's happy in the local park but we like visiting different places. Not too far, so he doesn't get bored in the car, but far enough so it's a different view.

picture of tall grass and low building
The visitor centre surrounded by the wetlands

This week we decided on Newport Wetlands, a RSPB nature reserve. It is free to park and to get in. They have a visitor center with a little cafe and shop.

Newport wetlands sign

The wetlands are on the Severn Estuary near the village of Nash, and the power station. The views across the estuary are lovely. There are cycle routes and paths suitable for buggy's. There are also "off road" green paths only suitable for walking.

Bear can only just walk so we stayed on the finished paths and walked to the light house. It is only a short walk and with stopping to see the birds and navigating the wonderful wobbly bridge it only takes about 20 minutes each way.

birds on river with grasses in front
River with lots of ducks and other water birds

path leading away towards lighthouse in distance
Gravel path leading to lighthouse
wobbly bouncy bridge with lighthouse
Wibbly, wobbly bridge through wetlands. Its great fun!

warning sign of stickman drowning
Danger sign. Person drowning.

Picture of white lighthouse
East Usk Lighthouse

Baby in buggy next to Wales Coastal Path waymarker sign
Wales Coast Path runs through the wetlands

Path marker, carved wooden bird
Path marker

View of estuary from wetlands path
View across the estuary

Gravel path and zig zag path for buggys and wheelchairs
Zig Zag path down, or up, hill

We stopped for lunch in the little cafe. The choice of food was limited, great for a coffee and cake but not a lot of choice for a toddler. We had Welsh rarebit and tuna melt with coffee. The coffee was lovely but I wouldn't eat there again. It was expensive and the food was just OK. The cafe looked a bit unloved and needs a bit of TLC. 

Baby sat in highchair waiting for food
Where's my lunch?

View through picture window in cafe
View through picture window in Cafe

There are huge picture windows giving great views over the wetlands and the ducks that were feeding in the pond. On my next visit I would take a packed lunch and eat outside on one of the many picnic tables or benches.
After lunch we walked back to the car via the playground. It's a great playground  with lots of different equipment. Swings, climbing frames and a death slide!

Bear loved the swings, the bouncy ducks, the big red balls and the slide. He didn't want to leave. We also had 2 ducks follow us around, they were really friendly and one had a damaged wing so I am sure they are residents.

Picture of playground with play equipment
Playground with death slide

Lighthouse climbing frame
Fantastic climbing frame

Baby on play equipment
Bear on bouncy duck looking at ducks

Baby in buggy with 2 ducks and red ball
Ducks following Bear

Baby sat on red ball with a duck by his feet
Bear sat on ball, duck watching.

Baby on swing
Bear on swing

Minibeast Mansion. Logs and wood made into a frame
Lots of educational areas-Minibeast mansion

Baby in buggy with a water reed
Going home with stick

 The RSPB wetlands are a fantastic place for a visit. There are lots of events throughout the year. We used to go there a lot with our bikes, now we will visit lots with our grandson. The Wales Coast Path runs through the wetlands. It is 870 miles long so if you fancy a longer walk.....



  1. Looks brilliant, excellent photos, it has got to be a twelve out of ten, give yourselves a gold star!

    1. Haha! A bittern was seen there on Monday too, we only saw the ducks lol

  2. Nice to get out and about in the community and support these free attractions. Always feel its a shame when the cafe is expensive or just passable a quality. We tend to take picnics if we have the kids as difficult to feed Bob out and about.
    Great photos. Nice views, and I love the stick as a souvenir

    1. We usually take food but thought we'd be home in time for lunch! We were a little distracted. It's a great place to visit and Bear loves sticks :-)


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