Wednesday 15 February 2017

Slimming World #6 Weigh In

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Slimming World #6 Weigh In

This week I have been very good. I went to the theatre on Saturday and we had lunch out first. As there was International Rugby in Cardiff the menus were fast food and mostly burgers. I chose grilled chicken in a bun and had extra salad instead of chips. I was a little bit naughty in that I took my own wholemeal bread roll and swapped it for the Brioche roll provided. I wouldn't recommend doing this but it was very busy and I wasn't depriving the restaurant of any revenue. I think I probably had very few Syns and only drank soda water with lemon.

How Am I Doing This Week?

I lost a pound and my waist stayed the same. Of course I would like to lose more each week but I am happy that I am losing consistently. I do think being post menopausal makes a huge difference and makes it so much harder to lose weight. I am on target though and with a little luck I will hit the one stone lost next week.

I am feeling hungry more this week and not sure if it is because the weather has turned colder. I am still sticking to my Syns of ten a day and eating fruit or yoghurts to fill the gap. I also discovered M&S sell sugar free sweets that are about 5.5 Syns per box of 15 so one every now and again will not add up to much. I bought the strawberries and cream and they are lovely. I am not very good at remembering to eat my healthy extras (HEXa &b) I often have 5 brazil nuts in the evening but must make sure I drink the milk quota or eat the cheese.

I have also signed up for another three months on-line as Slimming World are giving a free book until the end of February. We have made two recipes from it so far. Fish curry, which would have been lovely if it wasn't too hot to eat! I would have it again but limit the chilli, the flavours were really good.

The other recipe was Pizza Chicken which is my best recipe of the week. It is so good and really easy to make too. 

What Have I Eaten This Week?




Chicken Noodle Soup
Stir Fry Chicken
Sea Bass, Herby Rice and Broccoli
Ham, Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce (homemade) and Baked Potato
Chicken, Wholemeal Roll and Salad
Fish curry and rice
Salmon, pasta and peas


Roast Chicken, Coleslaw (made with extra, extra light mayo) and New Potatoes
Ham, Salad and Chips
Slow Cooked Beef Stew, Potatoes and Peas
Chicken Pizza, Roast Vegetables and Cous Cous
Steak, Tomato Sauce (homemade) and Chips
Slow cooked beef, potatoes and Brussels sprouts
Chicken pizza, roasted vegetables and chips

In Between

Muller light Yoghurt
0% fat Greek Yoghurt
Brazil Nuts

Total Syns this week = 47
Total weight loss = 12.5lbs

Main Picture; Pizza Chicken with Cous Cous and Roasted Veg, best recipe of the week. Top Right going down; Chicken Noodle Soup; Sea Bass and Herby Rice; Soda Water with Lemon; Bottom Row Right to left; Beef Stew; Butter Beans and Tomato Sauce; Stir Fry Noodles and Chicken; Muller Light Vanilla Yoghurt with Banana and Raspberries.

Just to finish with a very quick recipe. We were having baked potatoes with ham and were going to have baked beans but had forgotten to buy any, I know just as we were about to dish up, disaster. So I heated a tin of butter beans in half a tin of chopped tomatoes. Added a little tomato puree and poured on top of the potato. Just a small amount of parmesan cheese grated on top (from my HEXa allowance) made it a delicious easy snack.

I've had a good week and other than a few hungry episodes I am starting to fancy cake or chocolate. I may try to make a Slimming World friendly cake or use some Syns on chocolate. I am just a little worried that if I have chocolate it will make me crave more.

Any recipes for cake would be appreciated!


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  1. What plan are you following? Red, green or EE x

  2. You're doing really well, go you! I think losing little and often is WAY more healthy than loads in one go. Keep it up, I bet you're feeling great! :)

    1. Thank you Kelly. They say slowly is better and I am pleased with my loss I just want to see a difference, almost a stone and I look the same Haha


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