Wednesday 22 February 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #7


Slimming World Weigh In #7

Seven weeks already and did I hit my one stone target? Well, I was very good all week except for Friday and talk about breaking a diet! I knew it was going to be difficult as I was meeting friends I hadn't seen for ages and it wasn't the food, I was very good with the food except for a few chips. No, it was the wine, the prosecco and the gin. It was one of those nights.

How am I doing this week?

I lost a pound this week so still need to lose half a pound to reach my first stone milestone. I had hoped to reach it this week but after my naughty Friday I'm very pleased with losing a pound.

When dieting we are told to weigh ourselves only once a week, wearing the same clothes and at the same time, so I was curious what difference it would make. I weighed myself every night and every morning. I was about 3 pounds heavier at night compared to the morning. I had my biggest drop of half a pound the first day after my weigh in, the rest of the week there was hardly any change until my weekly weigh in Tuesday morning. It really isn't worth the bother of weighing more often.

What Have I Eaten This Week?


Porridge oats and semi-skimmed-milk


Baked Potato, baked beans and chicken
Beef stew
Pasta, chicken, ham and sweetcorn
Curried potatoes
Chicken sandwich


Mediterranean vegetables, chicken and potatoes
Pork kebabs, chips, crudités and tzatziki
Fish Curry
Chicken skewer, salad, real naughty chips and wine
Chicken and chips
Bacon sandwich

In Between

Brazil Nuts
Cabernet sauvignon
Muller light yoghurts
Rich tea Biscuit

Total Syns this week = 85+
Total weight loss  = 13.5lbs

Main Picture; Potato Curry; Top right going anti-clockwise; kebab and chips; fish curry; Chicken with Mediterranean vegetables; tzatziki; crudités

You may have noticed my meal plan was very strange this week including water and jelly for meals. My Syns were not just about going out drinking too much and eating real chips but by a hospital check up.

In Wales every one over the age of 60 is invited for bowel screening. Most just get an OK letter but I had to have a colonoscopy, then another and on Monday back for a check up. All my results were benign but I seem to get polyps which if left can turn nasty. Maybe I will write about my experience (not as bad as it sounds!) but the preparation takes two days and involves eating all the things that Slimming World says no to, white bread, no fruit or veg, just low fibre, low residue foods. The day before is a liquid diet, hence the water for lunch and dinner, until the procedure. Straight after they give tea and biscuits. As a treat after my forced fasting I had a bacon sandwich, I did use wholemeal bread but also had butter and tomato ketchup. It was very yummy.

So on top of my naughty Friday, even though I didn't eat much, my Syns were sky high.

My best meal of the week, it's definitely not water or squash, it is pork kebab with tzatziki. Delicious and completely Syn free. Follow the link for the recipe.



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