Friday 17 February 2017

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Posting Cards


5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Posting Cards

5 minute games are just that. Less than 5 minutes to make and lots of fun. Ideal for those days when it's too cold or wet to go out. Bear absolutely loved this. Posting playing cards through a hole in a box.


All you need is a box and a pack of cards. I had an empty Pampers box and these have handle holes. They are the perfect size for playing cards. If your box doesn't have handles just cut slots in the side.

I drew arrows and symbols on paper and stuck them to the box as my idea was for Bear to sort the cards and put the red into the red hole and the black into the black hole. Bear just liked to post them randomly into either hole, then tip the box and start again. He played for ages.




 Bonus Game!

After a while Bear decided to put the box on his head. I cut a hole for his face and he was happy being a robot and a knight.

The box could be painted and have decorations stuck on, but this would take more than 5 minutes to make.


Why not check out some of my other 5 minute games? All take minutes to make and with stuff you will probably have in the house. Some great ideas when your mind goes blank.

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