Tuesday 28 February 2017

The Wedding Singer - New Theatre, Cardiff. A perfect Mummies night out


There's nothing I like more than meeting up with friends for a night out. I love going to the New Theatre in Cardiff but I had never been to see a musical so when I was invited* to see The Wedding Singer, a romantic comedy, with a group of local mummy bloggers, I jumped at the chance. I had not seen the film The Wedding Singer but I had heard of it and love 80s music so it was a perfect opportunity for a mummies night out.

The story is a classic boy meets girl. It's 1985 and failed rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart is a popular Wedding Singer engaged to ambitious Linda. He meets sweet natured Julia Sullivan, a waitress at the same wedding venue, and promises to sing at her wedding to Glen Gulia, a wealthy city big shot.
Robbie is jilted at the alter and spirals into despair ruining every wedding reception he sings at. To lift his gloom Julia persuades him to help plan her wedding. As they spend more time with each other Robbie discovers that Glen is cheating on Julia and that he is falling in love with her. Will Robbie tell Julia before it's too late?

Another wedding reception ruined by Robbie Hart - The Wedding Singer

Whilst we were waiting for the show to start we were entertained by short clips of 80s movie previews from the Goonies to Back to the Future projected onto a giant billboard suspended over the stage.  
Then the Back to the Future clock appeared showing 1985 - and the show started with song and dance.
The music is loud and the dancing energetic. The story unfolds to songs written just for the stage show. Any doubts I had about watching a musical were quickly dispelled by the quality of the singers and the fabulous choreography by Nick Winston. The sets and the costumes took us back to 1985 America. I had only heard of one of the cast before, the fabulous Ruth Madoc who will always remind me of Gladys Pugh in Hi De Hi! She was funny and not afraid to shake her butt!
Jon Robyns, as Robbie, was perfect in the lead role. His voice is wonderful and he had the whole audience captivated every time he sang. Only two songs from the original film make it into the show and the first "Somebody kill me" had the audience laughing with him.


Cassie Compton as Julia was sweet and lovely without being "sugary". Her voice was beautiful and she captivated us all with her solos. There was a real sense of magic between Julia and Robbie from the very start. Even without knowing the story it was obvious they belonged together.
Of the other characters Holly (Roxanne Pallett) was my favourite. I loved her voice. Holly is Julia's friend and ex-girlfriend to Robbie's band member, Sammy. She was raunchy and very naughty! 
Ray Quinn (Glen Gulia) was perfectly sleazy and I almost expected the audience to hiss every time he appeared on stage. He managed to portray the decadence of the 80s whilst engaging the audience with his voice and dancing.

The music is original to this production with an homage to Thriller and appearances by Tina Turner (not real), Billy Idol (not real) and more. Whilst fans of the Adam Sander film may be disappointed that it doesn't have the original soundtrack they will not be disappointed at the fun and energy in this production.
I love live theatre and this did not disappoint. I can't wait to see more. It was a perfect night out and definitely left me wanting more. 

If you fancy a fun night out The Wedding Singer is on tour  and is at the New Theatre in Cardiff until 4th March. 
left to right; Jo, me, AliKerryGeorgina and Cathryn

*Disclaimer - I was given a ticket in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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  1. It was really great wasn't it! I loved the songs from the film they sang - the two by Adam Sandler :) I definitely want to go to another musical now!


  2. Such a great night, hope you had lots of fun :)

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