Tuesday 14 February 2017

5 Minute Games for Toddlers - Paint Stamping


I thought I'd share a few more games for toddlers that only take a few minutes to set up and give anything from minutes to hours of pleasure. It is a little messy, it's paint stamping.

We all paint with our toddlers, finger painting, hand painting but this is different. They have a different sensation. How hard they press gives different effects and it only takes a few minutes to get ready.
I cut an old washing up sponge into four and drew simple shapes on them. Then roughly cut these out. The sponge is great as it has a shape designed to be held. The heart was our best shape and would be perfect for making Valentines cards. Especially last minute ones!




Bear just loved stamping but like all things with toddlers it quickly became very messy.


All the 5 Minute Games for Toddlers are designed to take a few minutes to get ready with just stuff already in the house. Most are not messy at all.



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