Monday 27 February 2017

Our Weekly Journal 27 Feb 2017

Much to Bear's delight he found he had pockets in his jeans.

We didn't get out much this week. It was half term in Cardiff and it didn't stop raining so outdoor venues were off the cards and anything indoors had raised their prices and they would have been full, so as we can wait and go another time we gave the popular places a miss.
We did lots of puzzles though and for some reason Bear thought it would be nice to lay his head on the finished puzzle. I'm not sure if it was a cuddle because he likes it so much.


Bear enjoyed helping in the kitchen, he butters and spreads marmite on toast. He can peel boiled eggs and tangerines. His favourite though is playing football and he is very good.

"Who's the best at football?" I ask
"Bear" he says
"And Nanny?"

He also warmed his squash in his toy oven, "Mmm" very nice.



On Wednesday we went shopping and Bear took me into the pet shop. He knew there were rabbits so we had a look and then he introduced us to the fish.

"Fish" he said "I'm Bear" then he touched my leg and told them "This is Nanny" Oh too cute!


This week isn't just about us though. A year ago Aunty S and Uncle J got married, and a few days before their anniversary is S's birthday. They didn't go away on honeymoon so J planned a surprise holiday. Only he knew where they were going. S was given a few clues such as it will be cold and lots of walking so she could pack the correct clothes. She only found out the destination when they arrived at Heathrow - they were going to New York.

It doesn't matter how old our children get we still worry so I followed the flight all the way to New York and only really relaxed when it landed. Sadly it was cloudy because about an hour after they left Heathrow they flew straight over Cardiff but it was impossible to see anything.

First wedding anniversaries are supposed to be paper, not a big apple, so I suppose the tickets covered that and the rest was a birthday present. Not sure how Joel will ever top this though!




Aunty S and Bear on her wedding day 


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