Tuesday 3 May 2016

Tintern Abbey And Baby Lambs

We decided to go to Tintern today to see Tintern Abbey and baby lambs. Just a little bit further along the road from the Abbey is Tintern Parva Vineyard. For a couple of weeks in the Spring they bring some lambs, with their mums, inside for people to see up close. It costs £1 for adults and 50p for children with all proceeds going to charity.

Tintern Abbey And Baby Lambs.Close up of toddler and sheep in background
Bear looking very pleased at being so close

Ewe and two lambs
Lily with her baby lambs

 We decided to see the lambs first as this was our main reason to go to Tintern. They open at 11.30 but we arrived a little early, 11.10 actually, and were met in the car park and taken straight to the lambs.
This is not a big petting farm, there are half a dozen lambs with their mum's in pens. They are brought in from the fields each morning especially for visitors to see.

They were baby lambs too! Little woolly ones. two were only two weeks old and all wrinkly. They were all asleep when we arrived and looked really content. I call them baby lambs as some places have lambs to pet but they are almost as big as adult sheep. These were real, little lambs and are only there until the weekend as they grow so quickly they will soon be big lambs!

We were lucky that one had squeezed next to it's mum close to the railings and we were able to slip our hand in and stroke it. Neither the lamb or the ewe seemed to mind and carried on dozing.

black lamb and toddlers hand outstretched
We were able to stroke this lamb although it was covered in hay.

There is a vineyard too so we just had to pop into the shop and buy a couple of bottles of local wine.

two bottles of wine
Welsh wine

We then drove to the Abbey and paid £3 for all day parking in the Abbey car park. This is refundable on any purchase over £3 in the Abbey shop or The Anchor Inn. I bought a jar of jam so only paid 25p.

jar of jam

The Abbey is fantastic and can be seen from the road but to really appreciate it's magnificence then you have to go in, stand within it and look up. Stunning. It is amazing to think that the ruins we see today were built between 1269 and 1301.

It is quite flat, just a few steps here and there so is perfect for little ones. there are benches throughout and a couple of picnic tables. There are toilets inside the Abbey grounds and some on the edge of the car park.

Tintern Abbey ruins
Tintern Abbey 

Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey 

toddler jumping on grass
Bear loving being outside in the sunshine

toddler climbing on wall
and climbing walls

toddler standing on wall
Bear looking pleased with himself standing on a wall

collage of Abbey ruins with toddler in some pictures
Tintern Abbey may be ruins but they are magnificent

We enjoyed our picnic in the grounds and then went for a little walk along the river and over the bridge into England.

lane leading to bridge . lots of very green trees
A bridge across the River Wye to England

A perfect finish to a perfect day.

The Abbey is managed by CADW and the admission prices are £6 adult and children under 5 free. They also have a family ticket costing £16.20 for 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16.



  1. The abbey looks so stunning, the angles you have taken your photos from really show off the architecture beautifully and Bear looks so happy hopping on and off the walls. A lovely idea to see the lambs too and not too expensive which is always good to see. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. He just loved walking on the walls and they were the perfect height for him too

  2. What an amazing place and at such an affordable price. Wish the places round here were less expensive.#CountryKids

    1. I know, it was only a little shed but so worth it. Theres very few place you can actually touch a baby lamb


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