Friday 20 May 2016

Fairies and Grottoes at Dewstow - A Toddler Explores

Toddler in stream and text over saying Fairies and Grottoes at Dewstow - A Toddler Explores

The weather forecast had been awful all week. We had made no plans to go out anywhere. I even checked again before I went to bed on Wednesday night and rain was forecast all day.

We woke up to sunshine. The weather forecast had changed. It would stay dry until the afternoon so we quickly got ready and headed out to Dewstow Gardens and Grotto near Caldicot.

We were warned on arrival that there was a lot of steps and water and although it was OK to paddle, in fact nowhere was out of bounds, to keep a close eye on Bear.

Off we went to explore the grottoes. We came across some stepping stones that Bear negotiated with our help and a tree full of fairy doors. Throughout the grotto were lots and lots of fairies and even Peter Pan.

collage of fairies
Bear knocking on fairy door. Lots of fairies in the grottoes and gardens.

post with Peter Pan picture on it
Peter Pan of course

toddler in entrance to grotto
Bear exploring the grottoes

face in artificial rock
A face in the artificial rock.

toddler looking into pool
Bear searching for fish and fairies

fish in pool
Lots of fish in the pools

toddler looking at waterfall
Lots of waterfalls too

The tunnels were very dark, just lit by holes in the roof and occasional lights. Bear loved that it was dark and was fascinated by the lights.

toddler in dark crouching and looking at light
Bear fascinated by the light

There are beautiful gardens too with views across the channel. The plants are so much more advanced than ours and there were lots of tender plant that wouldn't survive in our garden. We only had a quick look though as Bear preferred the water in the grottoes.

toddler on bridge looking down

toddler in summer house at top of steps
Having a well earned rest
toddler eating sandwich
A quick snack watching the grass being cut

view across lawn to Bristol Channel
View across the Bristol Channel

view across lawn at wall and flower beds

We really enjoyed our visit. We have a lovely coffee and cake in the cafe and Bear watched robin's eat bread from his sandwich. They were so friendly we thought they would steal it from his hands.

collage of views of gardens and grottoes
Beautiful and lush gardens

topiary snail at reception
A topiary snail at the entrance

bird on table taking bread
Not the best picture but we loved watching the robins take Bears bread

We really enjoyed our visit but it took two to supervise Bear. There were a couple of shallow streams that he could walk in but mostly the water was very deep. It isn't suitable for buggy's and due to the low roofs not really suitable for baby carriers on your back.

It cost us £6 each (60+ concessions) and free for Bear. We thought it was well worth the money.

Have you been to a fairy Grotto? 

*We paid our own entrance fee

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  1. Having just commented on your Sunday photo I am thrilled to see the full sotry here. I was really hoping I'd see either side of the lovely little tunnel. I can't tell you how similar this is to the activity hour we created this week along our welly walk. I had the children all make fairy doors which we hung on the trunk of a big tree. We even had to pass through a tunnel of canes to reach it! I'm sure it will be a future Country Kids post from me. Amazing to think there is actually a place embracing all the same fairy magic and I have to say those fairy doors do look more professional than ours! Thank you so much for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    1. I took so many photo's but it was quite dark and I didn't want to use flash so lots weren't good enough for my blog. It's a great place to visit and I loved your cardboard boat. Still makes me smile

  2. Wow, what a magical place to explore!!!! My kids would love those caves. I adore the picture of your son with the fairy doors! So cute! #countrykids

  3. Really want to go here, it looks lovely. The photos are beautiful x


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