Monday 9 May 2016

Seaside, Lambs and Bubbles

The weather changed this week and the sun shone so we got outside. Bear is still teething but his cold has gone so he's a lot happier. Our week was all about the seaside, lambs and bubbles.

We started the week at Tintern. We'd heard that you could see baby lambs at Tintern Vineyard so went there first and then to the Abbey.
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Seaside, Lambs and Bubbles toddler by wooden fence with label. All you can read is Blue Texel
Bear looking for the baby lambs

Ewe and two black lambs
Here they are! Badger faced lambs. Except they wouldn't look at me.

toddler amongst ruins chasing a white dove
Catch the pigeon!

toddler walking on wall hold adults hand
Bear enjoyed walking on the walls

toddler drinking milk out of a small bottle
Thirsty work

Wednesday is Tot's club. It's a great opportunity for Bear to play with other children, different toys and have a sing a long.

What I love at this age is that they do not know what toys are for boys and what are for girls and he is equally happy playing with a garage as he is feeding a doll or putting a baby to bed. He also made a lovely turtle. He found a star and added that. Our turtle was unique.

paper bowl with circles stuck on. Legs and head stuck on too, with wobbly eyes and a star on its neck
Bear liked the star and stuck it on his turtle

toddler playing with car and garage
Boys toy?

toddler with spoon and plate feeding doll in highchair
Boys toys?

doll in cot, todddler with bottle ready to feed doll
Girls toys? Bear loves them all

On Thursday we left home early and went to the seaside, Barry Island. It was very windy and cold when we arrived but the sun came out and it turned into a lovely day.

toddler in buggy with coat on by road and shops
All wrapped up but sun is shining at Barry Island

toddler in sea with coat on
Bear loving the sea

When we weren't out and about we had fun in the garden with bubbles. A touch of Burts Bee's shampoo in the water, so no tears if it gets in his eyes and no nasty's either. And a bottle of bubbles. He blew and he blew but he couldn't make a bubble!

toddler looking at hands with bubbles on
Bubbles and sand

toddler with bubble wand and lips puckered, blowing hard
He huffed and he puffed but couldn't make a bubble

What's new this week?

Chatting on the phone. On Sunday he kept picking up the phone at home and saying Nanny, so we had a little chat. Well I talked and he responded with affirmative's and "'ello!" "Bye, bye".

Have you been out and about this week? It's going to rain next week, surprise, so any suggestions for us?


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