Monday 16 May 2016

Knights, Nights, Nice.

Knights, nights, nice. Much easier to write than say. I was taught not to use the word nice. That it was lazy and showed a lack of imagination, that I should look for another word. I was also taught that alliteration was a good writing style. So nice stays.

Knights, Nights, Nice. toddler smelling wisteria
Wisteria. Smells very nice.

So what did Bear do this week? The week started off cold and wet, all plans to go out and about were firmly put to one side, Bear was also really struggling with teething. It was making him grumpy and short tempered so we thought we'd stay close to home so he could nap at the proper time.

toddler in garden in the rain
Even in the rain we have to get into the garden

toddler eating with yoghurt on face
Mmm Pizza and yoghurt, nice.
On Thursday the sun came out and the weather forecast promised us a lovely day, so we packed the car with everything we would need for a day out and went to Chepstow Castle. You can see lots more photo's and read about our visit on my post Chepstow Castle - A Toddler Explores.

We were lucky to meet two knights, both as unreal as each other. By the time we arrived home it was really hot so I quickly put some water in Bears water table and he played all afternoon in the garden. He just loved it.

toddler talking to man dressed as a medieval knight
Bear is not convinced that all the dragons are dead

toddler looking at a wicker knight on horseback
Another Knight

toddler in vest playing with water in the shade
Bear having fun in the sun

On Saturday we babysat while Bears Mummy and Daddy went to the Admiral Summer party. Bear was a perfect guest, going to bed and sleeping through the night. He was up at 6.30 and after he had eaten his breakfast he ate mine. We then annoyed all the neighbours by going into the garden at 7.30 and making a racket.

toddler in pyjamas climbing stairs
Night, night.

photo of screen of baby monitor of baby asleep in cot
I wonder what's wrong with the rest of the cot?

toddler eating toast
Nanny's toast is very nice

toddler in garden in sunshine
Shhh! The neighbours are still sleeping

What's new with Bear this week?

Teething. He's got his big back molars coming through and they are really causing him pain. It makes him very grumpy and short tempered.

No! Ahh the toddler word, he's just started to use it. He's been refusing to do things but now he knows No!

Orange. Bear is learning his colours and knows orange.

Don't do that! Another phrase he's learnt Lol

Floppy body. If he doesn't want to do it he just goes all floppy and it's almost impossible to pick him up. Clever Bear.

Nodding. He has just started to nod. Any one who knows the way Greeks say no, its an upwards rather than a downwards nod. Well that's how Bear nods too.

Colouring. One day it was raining and I gave Bear his felts and a colouring book. "Colour the frogs" I suggested, and he did. I expected the page to be scribbled all over but no, he coloured each frog separately.

This is really Bear's diary but I had some good news too. I had to have a cone biopsy a while ago and then went back to have another smear to check it had all been successful. The letter arrived on Saturday to say I was clear :-) Great news. 

Ladies if you are hesitating or just can't be bothered to get your smear done then read this account from Bears Mummy. It's the reason Bear only has one Nanny. 

excerpt from typed letter saying smear and tests are clear



  1. So glad to hear all was well after your cone biopsy - smear tests are so important. Love the photo of Bear in his cot - my two used to do that as well! Meeting the knights at Chepstow Castle looks like fun. Hope the teething eases soon :-)

    1. Thank you. Even though we say to ourselves it'll be OK it's still a big worry. He always gets right into the corner, grandad said we should put him in a drawer 😂


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