Monday 9 May 2016

7 Easy Ways To Amuse A Toddler in The Garden - #kidsinthegarden

Looking for something to entertain your toddler? Here's 7 easy ways to amuse a toddler in the garden. They can be done even when the weather isn't perfect.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."
                                                          Old Saying
Toddlers love to be outdoors and when it's sunny and warm it's a doddle but what can you do regardless of the weather? Here's a few tips that will enthral your toddler and may even give you a few minutes break.

7 Easy Ways To Amuse A Toddler in The Garden

1. Water

Anything with water in it. On a hot sunny day then of course the paddling pool but most days aren't hot and sunny. Just pop on the waterproofs and some wellies and give them an inch in a plant tray, or a paint tray or just a plastic pot. The only requirement is that it must be big enough for at least one foot to get in and splash, preferably big enough for both feet.

7 Easy Ways To Amuse A Toddler in The Garden. Toddler in tray of water
A plant tray, some water and wellies

toddler paddling
Having fun splashing

toddler pouring water from watering can
Watering his feet!

toddler one foot in water in paint tray
As long as one foot is in water Bear is happy

2. Chalk

Pavement chalk is a fabulous thing. It's chunky so easy for small hands to hold and washes away in the rain. If you are handy with a bit of DIY then make a chalk board using blackboard paint. I first saw this on Family Days Tried and Tested facebook page. You can fix your board to a wall, we had a wooden barrier at the top of the steps which we painted with blackboard paint and is great. Keep the chalks in a plastic food tub near the board and then they are always where you need them.

toddler chalking on blackboard
Pavement chalk and a blackboard

pot full of chalk
Keep them handy and dry in a plastic pot 

3. Sand/Rocks

It really doesn't need to be much. A great big sand pit may be necessary for bigger children but toddlers are happy with a potful. We've got a sand and water table but all that is needed is a pile in the corner with a flowerpot to cover when it's not in use (stops the cats using it!).

toddler playing with sand
Bear with his sand and water table

toddler picking up rock
OK this rock is much too big!

4. Bug Hunting

Even little ones can enjoy searching for bugs. Bear is 19 months old and recognises lots of things in the garden.
Worms, ladybirds, woodlice, butterflies, slugs (ugh!), ants and so on. It's good to have a printed sheet with pictures on and there are lots of free printables.

collage of toddler and bugs. ladybird, woodlouse, worm.
Find the bugs.

close up of toddler with magnifying glass
Look closely

5. Gardening

Toddlers just love to help and especially like doing grown up things. Sow some seeds, pick up leaves, sort the gravel or stones into pots, sift the compost. Feeling adventurous? Then let them water the plants.

toddler wrapped up with trowel in one hand
Moving potting compost from one bag to another

toddler looking into bag of compost
Or into the watering can

toddler taking seeds from adults hands
Helping Grandad sow sunflowers

6. Picnic

Have a picnic, as long as it is dry then just put some blankets down and enjoy

toddler in highchair under sun umbrella
First lunch Al Fresco this year

blanket on floor with cushion and toddler stood on cushion. Little bowl of nibbles at his feet
Freezing cold but Bear still likes a picnic

7. Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles! Put some baby shampoo in the water and let them play with the bubbles. We use Burts Bee's as it has no nasties in it and doesn't sting their eyes.

Blow bubbles too.

toddler with arms in bowl full of soapy water

toddler with plastic boat and soapy water

toddler with bubble wand blowing bubbles
Blow hard.

Don't forget its not the weather its the clothes!

toddler in wellies and coat stood in tray full of water while it rains heavily
Bear enjoying the winter rain. Wellies, muddy suit and coat. Snug as a bug in a rug.

There are lots more things that you can do, make a tent, put the ball pit outside, I'm sure you can think of loads too.

Have a lovely time outside and any suggestions please let me know in the comments.



  1. Aww some great ideas there, my little ones love being in the garden and it's been lovely weather for it... my little ones are huge fans of bubbles xx

    1. They all love bubbles don't they. Lets hope the nice weather stays a while

  2. Water, bubbles and chalk are all huge favourites here, and everyone loves a picnic too! Great post, especially with the lovely weather we have been having!

    1. Thank you. We are lucky the weather has warmed up nicely:-)

  3. Love this. All simple ideas and such a lovely way for little ones to learn. Your little man is so cute! xx

  4. Love the ideas here, shame we don't have a garden but do some of these things when we visit Nanny x

    1. Nanny's are priceless! I'm glad you get to play in her garden xx

  5. Some brilliant ideas here! Been wanting to get some chalk for my son for ages now and this has made me buy some from Ebay! I'm always trying to get out every day (when its not raining) and these are some ideas to add to my list of things to do!

    1. Thankyou so glad it's given you some ideas. I love pavement chalks, they are nice a thick for small hands and washes away :-)

  6. Some fantastic ideas for playing in the garden, I love the photos! Thanks so much for joining us for #kidsinthegarden x

  7. Fabulous ideas for #kidsinthegarden , I love all the pics but my fav is the bugs one . Nice close up shot of ladybug .

  8. Great little idea's. Chalk seems to be a firm favourite here for occupying them but today it was all about the trampoline and a basin of water. Loving the weather the past few days :)

  9. All lovely outdoor garden ideas that we enjoy here on the farm too


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