Monday 30 May 2016

Bear Moves Home

This week has been so busy. Bear has moved home. Like all house moves it has been really stressful for Mummy and Daddy. Me too, we don't stop worrying about our children just because they are adults. Bear I think has known something was happening. He has been good as gold but has slowly lost his appetite. It's always the first thing to happen if he's poorly too.

Bear put on his own shoes Lol

So we have had Bear all week and he's slept over too as his old home was just too unsafe for an inquisitive toddler. I say we, mostly Grandad as I have been helping with the move.
This means Grandad has put him to bed for the night and for his nap for the first time. No problem at all, like I say Bear has been so good.

Moving house is so stressful and what a mess! Photo

We did it! Bye bye old house. Photo

We have been out and about too. We explored Caerwent, a Roman Town and St Fagans Castle and gardens. Bear has played in the garden and at Tot's club. He doesn't like joining in with the songs any more, he'd rather play with the toys and just dance when he feels like it.

Bear just wanted to hold on

I love this picture. Bear alone but two shadows. Grandad is always just a breath away.

Tots club mural. Bear helped with the girls left arm.

Bear likes to play with this tunnel, but when the singing starts....

On his bike in our garden

Actually shouting for joy. Just an inch of water is paradise

We try to explain to Bear what is happening so he has no nasty surprises. We are convinced he understands everything. He may not understand moving house but he knows he's saying bye bye to the old one and going to another. That Mummy and Daddy are going too. Nanny and Grandad are staying at their house, that won't change.

He just loves his new garden, he can ride his bike and play safely.

Bear having a snack while Daddy works in their new garden. Photo

On Sunday Mummy and I went to a Welsh Bloggers Lunch at the Little Man Coffee Co. Like all these events the best bit is meeting fellow bloggers. Oh and the coffee.

Right to left- Just see her hand Pixiedoes, Lottielately, hidden by the pot plant Roseabovethethorns; sandwich; hot chocolate; Ojo'sworld, Sidestreetstyle; HollyStockport, Veggingit, PollyKingdom, prandotherstuff.

What's new this week?

So much is the short answer. His talking is so good now that we actually understand him. He's learnt to use two or more words he knows to get what he wants.

When we were at Caerwent he climbed onto a wall and before I could say a word he said "Be careful"

A man on a bike cycled past us very slowly, Bear stood still and clapped. He'd been to watch the Velothon with his Mummy and Daddy at the week-end. Now he just cheers anyone on a bike. So funny.

We watched Postman Pat, his favourite at the moment, about everyone getting chicken pox and covered in spots. Bear kept pulling his clothes to check if he had spots. I had to show him his face in the mirror to reassure him he didn't have any.

He asks for Doseman Dat or picks up the TV remote and randomly clicks it saying "Doseman Dat".

On Friday we took him to his old house to say goodbye as he'd been at ours since Wednesday. Just for him to see the house empty. He was with his Mummy and Daddy and he screamed at the door. He wouldn't go in. Maybe he had said goodbye already? Who knows?

With everything that's happened I'm a bit behind this week, now playing catchup.

I'd like also to say Happy Birthday to my mum, she would have been 87. Miss you.




  1. Aw it's so stressful when you move home. Hope Bear settles in well. Happy birthday to your mum!

    1. He's settled so much quicker than we thought he would. Thankyou


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