Thursday 26 May 2016

Caerwent Roman Town - A Toddler Explores

Not far from Cardiff is a fabulous Roman Town. It is an archaeologist dream. It has shops, a temple, a Basilica Forum (I don't know either but I think it's like their main town square). So off we went on Tuesday to visit Caerwent Roman Town.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the Roman Town is in a quiet village with a dedicated car park, toilets and picnic tables. It is totally safe for children and Bear loved it. Each area has an information board and map. It is all suitable for buggy's too.

Caerwent Roman Town - A Toddler Explores ruins in squares, low walls
The shops

Caerwent has so much for everyone. The history of the ruins is described on the explanation boards and it is just a great open space for toddlers to have fun. Oh and it's free.

Caerwent Roman Town - A Toddler Explores toddler sitting on roman wall
It has great places to sit....

Toddler amongst ruins
To investigate........

toddler running on walls
To run.......

toddler and man talking amongst the ruins
To discuss....

toddler looking straight at camera
To think....
toddler running towards camera
To run some more....

toddler by ruins pointing
To point.....

Adult with toddler, picking him up to place amongst the ruins
To Pose?...
collage of toddler climbing over low wall
Bear stand still and look at Nanny! No! I'm off......
Roman ruins, low walls
The Temple
Just at the other end of the village are the Roman Town walls. These are so well preserved and run along the roadside and around one side of the village.

Section of Roman Wall

length of Roman wall

Raised mound with wall on the left hand side

Big grassy mound

toddler on top of mound with grass and buttercups

We had spent nearly two hours here and Bear was tired so we didn't follow the walls to the end. We bounced the buggy down some steps and walked along a green lane towards the church. The green lane takes you back to the main road and the memorial but we climbed over a stone stile into the churchyard. We were looking for a Roman  altar and another carved stone. We found them in the Church, just inside the door. There is an explanation board on the wall. 

wooden gate leading to grass path between two hedges
The green lane near the church

church tower
The church bells ring out each hour

roman stone with words carved into it
The Altar
The altar reads;

To the god Mars Ocelus, Aelius Augustinus, optio willingly and deservedly fulfilled his vow.

An optio was a sub-centurion.

Roman stone with words carved into it

The above stone is the base of a statue and it reads;

To Tiberius Claudius Paulinus, once commander of the second Augustan Legion, next proconsul of the province of Gallia Narbonensis, now imperial governor of the province of Lugdunensis; by decree of the council of the community of the state of the Silures.

explanation board
The explanation board in the church

picnic tables and explanation boards
Picnic tables and more explanation boards by the car park
The site is maintained by CADW and entrance is free. It really is worth a visit. Bear loved it and so did we.

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  1. This looks fab and it looks like you had a lovely day out, I've never been, will have to visit one day!

    1. It's a great place and not too far. Great for little ones to explore too


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