Monday 29 August 2016

Finding Our EPIC


This week we were finding our EPIC. Both literally and figuratively. Visit Wales are promoting all the amazing things you can do in Wales with a four metre high mirrored EPIC sign and the hashtag #findyourepic. We are lucky enough to live in Wales so have the amazing mountains, waterfalls, beaches and castles on our doorstep.
I really wanted to see the sign for myself and luckily it was at Tintern Abbey which is only a 40 minute drive from home and A Toddler Explored back in May. We are CADW members too so it didn't cost anything, except for parking which we redeemed in the shop. The weather forecast was for an amazingly hot day on Tuesday so we decided that would be perfect.
Visit Wales are being very secretive about where it is going next but I did a bit of interrogation and got no hints at all.  I do think that maybe West Wales are in for a treat soon. If it is near you go and have a look it is quite beautiful.

EPIC sign at Tintern Abbey. I just love the reflections in the letters.


I just love his smile when he sees the camera and stops to pose for me :-)



Tintern is a lovely place to visit with a little playground and a riverside walk. We intended to visit Tintern Station but just ran out of time. We were surprised to find a car in a ditch though! Bear was quite adamant that this was not right and the car shouldn't have been there.

Boo! At the playground at Tintern. All the metal play equipment was boiling hot

Ooops! How did that get there?

And that was the best of the weather gone. Although it has stayed warm all week we have had rain which has meant puddles for Bear to splash in. It also meant that we haven't ventured too far, just to our local park at Cefn Onn and the cliff walk at Penarth.

Splish, splash! Fun in the puddles

A walk in Cefn Onn Park
The Cliff Walk at Penarth. Bear stopped where the path joins on the right to check he was going the right way. He hasn't done that before, he usually just runs on and on.
View out to sea. There's a sailing boat out there...

...there it is!

Dancing in the rain 

Bear has been a bit contrary this week. I am not sure if he's teething or just trying it on. Thursday was such hard work, everything was wrong. He wanted to walk, no be carried, no on his bike, no run, no in the buggy. He didn't want to sit in his chair for meals, he wasn't hungry, then he was. He wanted Grandad unless Nanny was busy then he wanted me.

Then he does something amazing or cute that melts our hearts and he's perfect again. I managed to get a picture of him looking at a box, it had a boy on it. He looked and looked for ages.

His Mummy had given me some "good boy" stickers (some say good girl but he cant read so that's OK) and I used these to bribe him into his car seat. I wanted him to take just one. I know, that's a tall order, so I let him have the sheet. When we got to Penarth I had to laugh, he had them all over his leg. Good Boy? Mmmm let me think.

Bear looked at this for ages until he felt me watching.

Good Boy! Well Done! Nanny and Grandad need these stickers too

Even with Bear being hard work we did have a lovely week and we are really looking forward to this week as all the big children go back to school and we get all places to ourselves again.

PS The EPIC sign is at Worms Head on the Gower from Thursday 25th August for a week. I have not been asked or compensated to write about this promotion, I really do think it is worth visiting if it comes near you.

Do you have any plans this week?


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