Monday 2 May 2016

Bluebells and Macaroni Cheese

Bluebells and Macaroni Cheese were a small part of our week. We didn't go far because Bear has been poorly with a cough and cold again. I know toddlers get between 8 and 12 colds a year but we have now had enough! If your little one is suffering too why not check out my old post on how to care for your toddler when they have a cold?

The weather forecast for the week wasn't good either. Arctic winds and rain or snow, so we didn't make any plans to go out. We stayed close to home.

Monday morning was beautiful. The sun was shining even if the wind was bitter so we thought we would join the Cardiff commuters and head out early to see our local bluebell wood. We were really lucky, all the traffic was heading the other way.

Bluebells and Macaroni Cheese. Toddler walking amongst bluebells
Bear amongst the bluebells

Tuesday was Grandad and my wedding Anniversary, we had planned to take Bear out somewhere nice for lunch but he was not eating and sitting at a table being good just wouldn't be fair so we watched hail instead.

Bluebells and Macaroni Cheese. Bunch of pink  flowers
Beautiful anniversary flowers

toddler and reflection looking out window at hail hitting mat
Bear watching the hail storm

close up of toddlers hand trying to pick up hail on highchair tray
The hail melted before he could pick it up

We made peg leg animals using our Twinkl* subscription. Bear loved them but was just a little more fascinated at the pegs. These look better with wooden pegs as legs but we liked the fun of the colours, and that's all I had. They stand up easily too.

collage of toddler and animal cut outs. Pegs used as legs
Peg leg animals

Bear got a little stir crazy so we went out on his trike and it rained.

toddler on smart trike
Brmm! Brmm! then it rained

Played in the garden and it rained

toddler chalking on board outside

So made Macaroni Cheese, which he refused to eat because a) he was feeling poorly and b) he had stuffed his face with cheese all the time we were making it!

toddler eating cheese

So even though Bear was poorly we still did lots of things and had a great week. Bears Mummy and I met up for a blogger event at Wahacca and we met some lovely people. We had a very nice glass of Prosecco and a goody bag with a print of famous Cardiff landmarks and a little bottle of Cardiff rain. Now seriously, do we need more rain?

collage of Prosecco being poured, Cardiff rain water bottle and welcome blogger sign
Wahacca, for I loves the Diff event

We then met up with Bear and his Daddy and had lunch at Wagamama, my first visit. They came to ours and had a sleepover. Mummy and I drank Prosecco and we all played board games #tabletopgameday.

Grandad and I joined them again for lunch on Sunday at Miller and Carter, another first for me. Mummy and I shared a bottle of complimentary Prosecco (a birthday treat for anyone who signs up to their newsletter). I really enjoyed both places and will definitely go back.

toddler sat at table with crayons
Crayons provided at Wagamama

toddler sat at table with stickers
Bear keeping busy at Miller and Carter

I see a theme running here, yep rain. Rained on and off all week. Cheers!

glass of Prosecco with strawberry in it.

What's new this week?


"Bye, Bye" and waving
"One minute" with 1 finger pointing up
"Dankyou" Oh so cute and polite!

Walking backwards.

Next week the weather is getting warmer and we will be out and about again. Have you any plans?

*We were given a Twinkl subscription for the purpose of a review which you can read here. There are so many resources that I genuinely use them as everyday activities for Bear. All opinions are honest and my own.

We paid for our own meals/drinks at both Wagamama and Miller and Carter.



  1. I hope she is feeling better, this weather has been crazy hasn't it? We had snow last week grrr, I cant wait for hot summer days. And love the peg animals xx

  2. Thankyou he's fine now and the sun is out! Whoopie :-)


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