Wednesday 25 May 2016

A Cardiff Garden In May

A Cardiff Garden In May Arum Lily
Zantedeschia - Arum Lily

A Cardiff Garden In May is an exciting time. Everything has suddenly become green and the flowers are all coming into bud. We have Clematis and Wisteria and Roses to name but a few. I think Summer is finally on it's way. We have had a major loss though. We have two bay trees in pots that we grew from very small plants and they are now 25+ years old. One has died. We can only think that it drowned during the Spring. It's so sad because it was beautiful and moved from our old house with us. I have protected it from frost, gone out in snow storms to stop it getting too top heavy and snapping. Never mind we still have one in the porch.

So here are a few pictures of what is in my garden this month.

A Cardiff Garden In MayAquilega
Aquilegia - A few aphids are already out and about

blue canterbury bells
Campanula - Canterbury Bells

single purple clematis flower
Clemetis - The President

white edged Euonymus
Euonymus - Silver Queen

purple geranium
Geranium - Ann Folkard

white geranium

yellow iris

lily of the Valley
Lily of The Valley

pale pink Clematis Montana
Clemetis Montana

white Mrs Merrill rose
Rose - Mrs Merrill. The scent of this rose is stunning.

yellow rose

lots of pink flowers. Wigellia

purple and white wisteria
Wisteria - This is from a cutting of the rootstock
white wisteria
Wisteria Alba - I just wish you could smell the fragrence. It fills the garden.

red winged seeds of maple
Maple Seeds

white flowers od snow in summer
Cerastium - Snow in Summer

brown standard Bay Tree in pot
My poor Bay tree

A lot of my plants are cuttings or gifts from friends gardens and so I do not know their full names. I hope your garden is looking beautiful and that the summer is going to be good.


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