Friday 6 May 2016

Sea And Sand - Barry Island

The sun was shining, the weather forecast was good, we'd had breakfast and were raring to go.
Go where? You ask. We want some sea and sand - Barry Island here we come.

We are very lucky living in Cardiff as we have so many fantastic beaches to visit. We decided on the closest, Barry Island. It may be all fish and chips and home to Gavin and Stacey but it has the most amazing beach and everything you need close to hand. Well, everything except the sea. It was miles away!

Sea And Sand - Barry Island Toddler on beach, sea long way away
The sea is a long, long way. The first wet bit is just the sun on the wet sand.

Toddler running on sand away from promenade
Come on Bear!

looking backfrom the sea to grandad sat on beach
Looking back at Grandad

toddler holding pebble
It's all sand so a pebble is a precious thing

toddler at the edge of the sea

water on toddlers feet

toddler stood in sea
The flight path of planes leaving or arriving at Cardiff airport fly directly over the beach. Bear loved them as he loves seeing planes.

"Bear! Look at the plane!"
Bear looks around in all directions
"Over there, look!"
Bear looks at Nanny
"In the sky, over there"
Bear sees plane and points
Nanny gets phone out, turns it on, takes picture of dot in sky.

airoplane in blue sky

shop with seaside goods outside
Great shops, they sell everything you need for the beach..
The funfair was closed even though all the signs say it's open everyday, and open at 12! We didn't mind as we didn't want to go to the fair. It still looks a bit run down in places so I am not sure when it opens.

signs saying the rides open at 12 to 6 today and open daily with caution uneven floor
Err No, It's 12.30 and looks very closed
I love the way Bears footprints sometimes look raised in this picture. The top of the beach is raked and is so soft to walk on.

footprints in the sand
Leave only footprints....
We left by 12.30 as we got there very early and had eaten our picnic lunch for elevenses The sun was getting really strong and although we had sun screen for Bear I didn't have a hat and he is so fair I was worried he would burn.

I was brought up miles from the sea and we only went to the beach when we were on holiday, once a year. My memories of it are always happy. Sunshine and freezing cold sea. Barry Island did not disappoint. It was hot and sunny and the sea was freezing. I just love the seaside!

When we first came here, many years ago, there was a holiday camp on the left of the beach, an open air pool near The Knap and hundreds, I really mean hundreds of old steam engines. A steam engine graveyard. They were all huge and rusting.

What are your memories of the seaside? Have you any of Barry Island?


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