Thursday 2 June 2016

Dyffryn Gardens In Spring - A Toddler Explores


We visited Dyffryn Gardens, in the Vale of Glamorgan, back in March and the gardens were quite bare. Bear absolutely loved it there and we called our visit Dyffryn Gardens - A National Trust Toddler Paradise. Now the weather has warmed up and our garden is looking so green and full of flowers we decided to visit again. Is it worth visiting in Spring? Oh yes! I think it has the most beautiful gardens, a huge arboretum and if you visit after 12 mid day you can tour the house.

We visited early so the house was closed, we will save that for another day. Our first aim was to see the Davidia Involucrata, the Lady's handkerchief tree. They have two. One near the Pompeii gardens that had finished flowering and one in the arboretum. The Davidia in the arboretum was magnificent although all the bracts (look like flowers but are bracts really) on the lower branches had fallen and only those high up were left. I couldn't get a very close photo because of all the other trees around so must remember to visit a bit earlier next year.

Davidii Involucrata

Davidii Involucrata - just about see the white bracts that look like a Lady's handkerchief

Davidii Involucrata bracts on the grass

There are lots of grassy paths throughout the arboretum that would be very muddy if it had been raining but were dry enough for us even with a buggy.

Bear exploring. He's found a bug.

Lots of places to run around

Beautiful walks through shrubbery

Then we went to my favourite garden, The Pompeiian Garden. I just love it. The National Trust have spent ages restoring it and it is worth it. The wisteria is still in flower and soon they will be putting flower boxes on the terraces and it will look stunning.

It is also a perfect place to pause for a cuppa as there are benches with cushions.

Bear in my favourite garden - The Pompeiian Garden

Bear having a wander around

Wisteria looking and smelling glorious

A rest for Bear and us. Cushions too!

After our rest we wandered through the paved garden and up towards the glass houses. There were lots of gardeners working so I am sure that it will look even better next week. As we carried the buggy up the steps we saw a sign that said pigs! Bear just loves pigs and to our delight they have two Oxford Sandy & Blacks. They are both female and four months old.

The pig was friendly, and unexpected

They enjoyed the muddy puddle to play in

We brought our own refreshments but there is a little kiosk by the garden room and lots of places to sit, including picnic tables. There are also toilets behind the glasshouses and at the cafe at the entrance.

Drinks and snacks are available next to the gardens 

The magnificent house looking across the croquet lawn

Main picture Cornus; top right down to bottom left  Clemetis; Rhododendrum; Ranunculus; Iris; Pelargoniums; Welsh Poppies; Olearia Cunningham the New Zealand Daisy Bush.

I think what we enjoyed most was the colour. The trees are looking stunning, the arboretum is full of spring flowers and the field in front of the house is full of buttercups. So I leave you with just a few of the photo's I took of Bear in the buttercups. I can't wait to go back.

Bear in the field of buttercups






*We have a National Trust subscription that we paid for ourselves. There is an entrance fee and all opening times, prices etc can be found on their website. We have no connection to Dyffryn Grdens and all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Love the Pompeiian Garden! Gorgeous colour with all those buttercups too! You seem to know a lot about flowers!! Popping over from #CountryKids #MySundayPhoto xx

    1. Thankyou. I am a keen summer gardener (hate the cold and rain) and the OH is a very knowledgeable gardener and tree surgeon. He knows almost every cultivated plant! He would say differently but I've never had him not know one :-)

  2. Such pretty photos and a perfect time of year to be visitng. Bear looks so adorable in those buttercups, they are pr actually chest high and taking some running though! I think National Trust properties everywhere are looking amazing right now, even Coombe Mill is blooming. I want to put summer on hold with the stunning colours and warmer weather. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous day on #CountryKids

    1. The National Trust are doing an amazing job here. It was sorely neglected by the council, just not enough money I suppose, but The NT are making it all come alive.

  3. Aww such amazing place! So many space to run around and with the blooms too. #countrykids

    1. It's one of my favourite places. We just love it

  4. Oh, You brought tears to my eyes. This was my late mum's favourite garden, we used to visit together and go to the open air theatre there back in the day. I'm coming home for a visit soon, I wonder if my heart could stand to take the kids there? I bet it has changed a lot since the 90's. #countrykids

    1. You must visit, it hasn't changed really just got better. They now do the open air theatre at Sophia Gardens with a whole season starting soon.

  5. We have only recently visited this wonderful place and cannot believe we had not been sooner - such a great spot and so much space to explore

    Laura x


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