Saturday 7 October 2017

How to find your goals and achieve them


Day 6 of #Blogtober17 is Goals. This got me scratching my head, laying in bed awake and generally deciding that I do not have any goals and that I am happy plodding along, but that's not strictly true. I have goals but they are vague. They are wishes, dreams not goals. Unattainable because they have no structure and no measurable end - there is no goal. So it got me thinking (and googling) what does it take to find your goal and once found how do we achieve them?

How To Find Your Goals

Start with a wish list or bucket list. Write a list of 10 things you want to do. It can be today, in a week or in ten years time. This is your list, about what you want. At this stage it can be as vague as you want.
This is my list, I spent less than five minutes writing it.

1. Go on a cruise
2. Make money from my blog
3. Visit the Greek island I spent a year on
4. Visit Jordan
5. Decorate the hall, landing and Bears bedroom
6. Finish #Blogtober17
7. Lose weight
8. Write this post
9. Increase my social media followers
10. Identify my "typical" blog reader

So I have 10 dreams on my list. If you look there are some that go together, travel, blog, home. So next I put them together in chronological order or order of importance to me


Visit Kythera (Greek island)
Go on a cruise
Visit Jordan


Write this post
Finish #blogtober17
Identify my "typical" blog reader
Increase my social media followers
Make money from my blog


Lose weight


Step one is putting them together in some sort of order. Either prioritise or chronologically. It will identify if any goals will lead to another.
If I finish this post I will be one day closer to finishing #blogtober17. This is my first goal, and #blogtober17 my second. I can work on the others too but if I go on a cruise to Jordan before the end of October (I wish!) then I will not finish #blogtober17.

How To Achieve Your Goals

Step Two is to define your goals and make them measurable.

Lose weight - how many pounds?
Make money from my blog - how much per month? £1? £50? £100?
Increase my social media followers - all of them? All at the same time? Or focus on one? Instagram? Twitter? Double my numbers? Grow by 10 a month?
Visit Kythera - When? This year, next year? In five years?

Go through them all making each one measurable. This is your list so it can be changed anytime you like just get an idea of when you would like to have achieved these goals. I am going to just concentrate on going on a cruise to Jordan for this post.

My Goal

Going on a cruise to Jordan in the next five years.

Step Three What do I need to attain my goal?

Identify everything that I need to attain my goal.

1. How much will it cost?
2. How long does it take and what's the best time of year to go?
3. Find a cruise that actually goes to Jordan. Who goes to Jordan? Where do they leave from? Will I have to fly independently or can it be included?
4. Persuade my husband that it's safe and we won't both die (easier said than done)

Step Four Dream but Be Realistic


Be realistic, anyone can write go on a cruise to Jordan in the next five years, but how realistic is it? I would need 17 to 18 days for the cruise and more to get to the port of departure and home again. That's three weeks. I also need a fortune, a quick google search suggests about £4000 each (OK that's a luxury cruise with Azamara, I'm sure Thomson or Easy Cruise must go there too).

So maybe I can adjust when I am going? In 8 years not 5. Can I find a way to earn and save more money? Maybe make money from my blog? If I prioritise making money from my blog this will help me achieve my goal of visiting Jordan.

Step Five Take Little Steps and Giant Leaps


Have some attainable goals, (like me finishing this post), to take you towards the big leaps - my dream cruise. Cross each off as you achieve them, make each one count towards the next. Each goal is a little step towards the big leap.


Do you have any goals? What tips do you have in how to achieve them?



  1. This is such a good way to think about achieving your goals...
    Fab post x

  2. I'm reading all these posts about achieving goals, I've not really got any! I think I'm just lazy lol x

  3. Wow! Fantastically written and I love all the Quotes!! #Blogtober17


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