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10 Things That Make Me Mad! - #Blogtober17 Day 1


10 Things That Make Me Mad - #Blogtober17 Day 1

Day one of #Blogtober17 is All About Me. I wrote that last year so I didn't want to repeat myself, and I haven't done anything amazing in the meantime. No lottery wins, no Peace Prize.
I thought that a list of What Makes Me Mad would give an insight into my very angry brain.

It's not about being mad at everything, it's about being really mad at the right things
Ice T 

I do not drive so inconsiderate drivers have to top my list. I could list the many ways they make me mad but to save wasting years of my life I'll put them all together as number one.

1. Inconsiderate Drivers

They park on the pavement and force us into the road. They park on cycle lanes (why has Cardiff done that? Tiny strips of red at the side of the road that are always blocked by parked cars). They park on corners so we can't see what's coming. People without children park in the parents bay, and don't even get me started on the able bodied that park in disabled. They do not indicate so we never know when it's safe to cross and they drive through red lights and don't stop at zebra crossings. Inconsiderate drivers make me mad!

2. Poo

Dog and cat poo. Cat owners that do not use litter trays so their cats poo in my garden. Dog poo in bags! I'm starting to think that poo isn't as bad (it eventually gets washed away) as it being in bags and hanging from trees or just dumped on the path, usually within sight of a poo bin.

3. Litter

Every piece annoys me. The dropped wrappers, empty bottles and cans, broken glass. Left overs from picnics. We, as a society, have to pay to keep places free from litter, think of all the good that money could be spent on if it wasn't wasted on picking up rubbish. People carry the stuff there why can't they carry it back?

4. Unnecessary Noise

Where do I start? Muzak in supermarkets, neighbours with music blaring (and it's never anything I like), leaf blowers, I mean why even blow leaves? They just come back with the next puff of wind, at least use a sucker and suck them up. Ice-cream vans past seven in the evening. I don't have little ones sleep over and you can hear them streets away. Every parent is saying goodbye to a restful evening, the suburbs have children screaming for ice-cream.

5. Queues

I don't mind waiting my turn but why do I always choose the wrong queue? I always get stuck behind the person who is returning goods, with no receipt, they never have the card they bought it with, they want to exchange for a smaller, bigger, redder or whatever and didn't have the foresight to collect one first.
Then there are those who think queuing is not for them and try jumping in, not in front of me. No chance. I do like Lidls though, they are fast and the customers are so friendly, only one item? Then go in front of me, and me, and even me!

6. Breaking Rules

I am a stickler for a rule. Stand on the left, I stand on the left. Queue this side, I queue what ever side they ask. Don't spit on the floor (ugh! Hate it) People who break sensible rules really wind me up. Rules are to create order, to protect health and to keep things moving but some rules are just stupid and need to be broken.
When I was at secondary school (remember this was in the 1960s), there were so many stupid rules. It was a girls' school and we couldn't wear trousers to school even in the deepest of frosts and two foot of snow (I kid you not). First and second year pupils had to wear socks, not tights. Tights had to be flesh coloured. I wore black tights all through my schooling. Stupid rule and needed to be broken. "Flesh coloured miss? They are, just not my flesh colour". The school changed the rules to American Tan. I should have kept my mouth shut.

7. Adverts on TV

I know some people love them but I hate them. They are always so LOUD and b.o.r.i.n.g. I record programmes and fast forward through them all but sometimes I have to watch a programme live, like Great British Bake Off, I just can't wait. Now that the show has moved from the BBC it is an hour and a quarter, with most of the adverts in the last fifteen minutes. I have to watch, (I hate you C4) I need to know who has been kicked out!
Don't get me started on the BBC, it has plummeted to the depths of trash. The news is almost unwatchable due to all the opinion pieces, and the adverts for programmes coming up vaguely disguised as "exclusive reports". Between each programme I have to endure clips of shows coming next week, the same clip, over and over until I am sick of it.

8. Toy Packaging

The ones where you need a screwdriver to release them from the packaging or super strong scissors to cut the really tight, tough ties. What's wrong with toys just being in a box? So many times I have bought something to amuse Bear while I am out, but I can't get it out of the packaging, surprisingly I do not carry a screwdriver and heavy duty scissors "just in case".

9. Price Labels

They are too sticky and impossible to remove. If the product is paper, the surface gets damaged. if it is washable, and in some moment of madness I decide soaking is a good idea, I am left with a sticky residue that quickly attracts dirt from space and turns black.

10. It Should Do What It Says On The Tin

If it says it will make my teeth white, then I want white teeth. I've followed the rules (see 6 above), I've paid my money, give me the result.
Easy to clean, (in your dreams).
Crease free/non-iron, aren't these always the worse to crease and iron when they are untrue?
Vacuum cleaners that don't suck, window cleaners "that leave glass sparkling clean" but actually leave smear marks that won't polish out.
Dishwashers that are cr*p at washing dishes, the same can be said for washing machines that destroy clothes and tumble dryers that do not dry and shrink everything in sight.
Broadband providers that promise fast speeds but you spend most of the time watching a circle or an egg timer.

These are my top ten, I think I must be quite an angry person as I have so many more. What makes you mad?




  1. Ha ha really enjoyed your take on the day 1 prompt! And I 100% agree about toy packaging... I get so angry trying to get into them! Heaven forbid you have to get a screwdriver out for it!! #blogtober17

    1. It got me out shopping recently. I promised a toy if he was good, he was, then I couldn't get it out as I needed a screwdriver! Obviously not a parent that thought that one up

  2. I suffer with really bad road rage so I am completely with you on point 1. People who drive in the middle lane, don't have lights on when it is getting dark or in the fog and who don't indicate really nark me #Blogtober17

  3. I've been driving for 17 years and I'm with you on inconsiderate drivers!! People who are too damn lazy to indicate what way they are going and then there's the people who don't understand what lane to be in on a roundabout!! Argh!!


    1. Oh yes roundabouts and no Lane control just drive over here then over there!

  4. Yes!!! I agree with you on ALL of these! I think I am a lot more angry than I thought. #blogtober17

    1. Haha! I had to stop at 10 so I didn't explode lol

  5. Yes! I agree with you on every one of these!
    The biggest annoyance in my life is dog poo. There is one man & his dog who love to leave a pile of poo outside of my front gate! I have caught him plenty of times and he will pick it up if told but she shouldn't have to be told. x

    1. How annoying. Maybe a bit of video footage sent to the council? It does annoy me so much

  6. Other drivers 'drive' me crazy, why are the indicators so hard to use?! I'm with you on toy packaging, I can't even get started on how much this annoys me! x

    1. A person after my own heart! It's so annoying.

  7. Toy packaging! YES! Why oh why do they need layers of protection! The ones where you grab the scissors but need a screwdriver! WHY! whoever invented that is laughing!

    1. Yes! And if you're out and buy scissors to cut the ties, you find you need scissors to get the scissors out!

  8. Haha I loved this, mainly because I get wound up by exactly the same things!

  9. Welcome back! I LOVE this list and agree with all of them, in fact, when I was at school up north we had the same stupid rule that girls couldn't wear trousers so I volunteered for the student council, became chairperson and had the rule changed! Can't wait to find out more during October x

  10. Not even just toy packaging... Scissors packaging that you need scissors to get into. well if i had scissors, i wouldn't be buying scissors!

  11. Argh! I totally get you on the poo front. I threw a recycling bag at a cat who tried to squat on my lawn the other day. It really piddles me off. :(


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