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Gift Guide For A Three Year Old


Gift Guide For A Three Year Old*

Three is a magic number, toys and gifts that were out of bounds are now suitable. Bear was three last week and he had some amazing gifts. Some were bought because he asked for them and some we thought he would love. Three is an age where their hand eye co-ordination matches their imagination. They can put together puzzles and make their own games up with the simplest of toys. Gifts do not have to be expensive and most of these are affordable and suitable for both birthdays and Christmas.

Here are Bears top gifts for a three year old.

Pop Up Pirate


Pop Up Pirate is a simple game that I am sure everyone remembers from their own childhood days. It is a plastic barrel with slits in it and a pirate sits inside on a spring. Swords are slid into the slits until POP!! Up pops the pirate and the game is over.
The pirate pops up randomly, maybe after two swords or on the last one. Every time it is a surprise and results in squeals of laughter and happy gasps.
Whilst Bear is a little too selfish  young to actually take turns, or even let me join in he absolutely loved this. He found it easy to recharge the pirate and take out the swords. he was delighted every time the pirate popped up. It was educational too in that we counted the swords before the pirate popped up and called out the colours as they went in. £14.99 from Find Me A Gift

Tinsy Winsy Teeny Tots Baby Dolls


I am not sure if it is because Bear has a baby brother that he is so fascinated with baby dolls. He loves these. He likes to push them in their pram and feed them so they do not cry. He tucks them into their little cots. You can read our full review here. They start from £7.99 and are available from Smyths Toys

Playmobil Summer Fun Camper Van


This is a lovely toy with the quality that you would expect from a leading brand. It has lots and lots of accessories, a complete out door picnic set including table, chairs, cutlery, crockery and food. It has people to eat it and the doors open on the van. There are lots of fun things inside including a bath, a toilet and beds. The roof comes off for easy access and everything can be stored neatly inside. Bear played happily with it for ages, making up his own stories. £28.99 from John Lewis

Press Here by Herve Tullet 


This book is so much fun! In an age of touch screens this book brings back a little magic on paper. The idea is simple, just touch the dots, or shake the book (not too much!) and turn the page to see the effect. A wonderful book. £6.99 from Amazon UK

Magic Tracks


Get out of the way birthday boy! Let the adults have a go! This is so much fun. It has a glow in the dark track that clips together and is very flexible, the car is powered by batteries and has lights too. The track can be laid over anything to make hills and slopes and threaded through a box to make a tunnel. Just set up the track and release the car. The car races along, easily climbing the hills and going so fast that it occasionally flies off the track but carry on regardless. It entertained us all, a superb fun toy. It is especially good for children that struggle with remote control cars as the track guides the car. The only limit is their imagination in setting up the track. This can be changed very easily by adding, or removing, an obstacle. The starter set is £19.99 from Argos

Lanka Kade Fair Trade Gorilla Puzzle


This Fair Trade wooden puzzle was an immediate hit. Bear loves puzzles and this is a little bit different. It is beautifully made with each piece cut so they fit together perfectly, important for three year olds with little patience.
When assembled the puzzle looks very easy. Just ten pieces to put together to make the wonderful gorilla, but take them apart and mix them up and it really is a puzzle.
Thankfully each piece is numbered and a different colour. Bear soon learnt how to put it together by memorising the order of the colours but as he was doing it he pointed out that the number 6 and number 9 were the same. He can count to ten (and sometimes further) but hasn't learnt to recognise numbers yet so this was a real proud Nanny moment. A wonderful, fun, educational toy. £9.99 from Born Gifted

Personalised Chocolate Bar


Every child loves chocolate and for a birthday treat what could be better than a personalised bar? I chose the 'Bang on The Door" animal alphabet. Each letter in the childs name has an animal that starts with the same letter. When our bar arrived I was surprised how big it was (although it is clearly detailed on the website) The bars are 100g and 15cm x 6.5cm. Being of the older generation this means nothing to me, I need ounces and inches!
Each bar can be personalised with a message up to 20 characters and a name up to 12 characters on the front and two rows of 20 characters on the back. £4.99 from Born Gifted

Brio Wooden Train Set

Brio wooden train track has been around for decades and we still have some of Bear's Daddy's Brio. When Bear was about two Grandad fixed some Brio track onto a board as Bear became very frustrated every time the track came apart. He has since developed better hand co-ordination and can now easily put the pieces together and design his own tracks.
There are different, cheaper brands available and the track is very similar, but the quality is not the same. For the vehicles (the trains, carriages, cars etc) I would only buy Brio. The cheaper versions do not glide as well, the magnets are not so strong so they detach too often and they derail easily. For a three year old these things are very important. Prices from £39.99 for the railway Starter Set at Brio

toucanBox Craft Subscription Box


Bear loves making things, we were lucky enough to be asked to review these boxes a while ago and Bear loved them. Every fortnight a box arrives, addressed to the child, with a new craft to make. Each box contains everything needed to make one craft, all the instructions and an activity book. The crafts vary from dressing up to art. Each box is designed to teach your child and to explore the world around them. There is no long term commitment and it is easy to cancel at anytime. The boxes start from £5.95 and you can even try a box for free.

All gifts have been tested by Bear, he loved them all.

*Contains PR samples but all opinions are honest and our own.




  1. Haha Poor little Bear having to come to terms with taking turns! I had forgotten about Pop up Pirate. I think both mine would like that. Perhaps a christmas pressie?! I REALLY want to see that book! I'm going to Amazon right now!

    1. Pop up Pieate is so much fun. I couldn't stop myself from jumping each time which Bear thought was so funny.

  2. Pop up pirate is a big hit in our household. Although we play that whoever pops the pirate is the winner lol. I'm a massive fan of the fair trade puzzles. Great selection

  3. Aww! What great ideas. I loved Pop Up Pirate as a child and still love it now x

  4. Oh that book sounds really interesting! I used to love pop up pirate too!

  5. Pickle would love all these especially Playmobil. Great collection of ideas. Kaz :)

  6. I love this gift guide and I'll definitely come back to it. I think pop up pirates is sooooo good. That probably could go on every single gift guide ever :)

  7. Erin loves pop up pirate - the book looks interesting!!


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