Thursday 12 October 2017

10 Aphrodisiacs To Boost Your Love Life


10 Aphrodisiacs To Boost Your Love Life

The theme for Day 12 of #Blogtober17 is Love. Aphrodisiacs are suppose to increase your libido. For thousands of years people have believed that certain foods can boost your love life.

The Romans thought that foods worked as aphrodisiacs if they were warm, moist and made you windy.
In the Middle Ages people thought that anything that looked phallic, like cucumbers, would increase desire and in the medieval period many herbs and spices (such as basil, saffron, pepper) that were used in love potions were banned.
Honey was widely thought to be an aphrodisiac and the Honeymoon was named after the custom of couples drinking honeyed mead in the first month after their marriage. I  am not sure if they actually work but there's no harm in trying.

1. Hot Chillies

Hot! Hot! Hot! The substance they release, capsaicin, releases adrenalin which in turn releases endorphins and they make you feel good


2. Figs

These are reputed to have natural amino acids that help boost libido


3. Oysters

Oysters contain Zinc and dopamine. It's no surprise that Casanova was very fond of sharing these with his lovers.


4. Avocado.

These were thought of by the Aztecs as being natural aphrodisiacs. In fact the Aztec word for avocado means testicle.


5. Chocolate

Oh yes! Smooth, sensual and releases dopamine which make you feel good.


6. Pine Nuts

They are high in zinc which aids a healthy sex drive


7. Asparagus

A food high in Vitamin E, which is said to increase blood and oxygen to the parts that matter.


8. Bananas

Bananas contain bromeliad, which is believed to increase a mans sex drive.


9. Strawberries

Full of Vitamin C which is important in the production of sex hormones.


10. Pomegranates

Again full of healthy vitamins and pomegranate juice is said to be a natural viagra.


These are the most popular foods, but basically anything can be considered an aphrodisiac. What do you think? Do they work?



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