Monday 16 October 2017

10 Funny Phobias (but maybe not if you have them) #Blogtober17 Day 16

10 Funny Phobias (but maybe not if you have them) #Blogtober17 Day 16

The theme for Day 16 of Blogtober17 is phobias, I do not have any. I'm scared of heights and I do not like needles, the dentist (both make me cry just to think of them), pain, flying, the cold, oh I could go on but none are phobias - A Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of something.
None of mine are extreme or irrational, doesn't everyone cry in the dentist chair while waiting for a check up? Oh just me then.
Anyway I thought I'd Google some funny phobias, I know they are not funny if you have them but a fear of long words? Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Honestly! You have to laugh.

1. Turophobia

Fear of cheese - what could a cheese do if you just walked past? Maybe if you went to a cheese rolling festival one may crush you, but cheese?

2. Syngenesophobia

Fear of relatives - now look back at the definition of phobia, yep it should be irrational fear but doesn't everyone has a scary relative (oops just me then...again)

3. Papaphobia

Fear of the pope. Certainly irrational unless you lived in medieval times with the Borgias and Medicis

4. Linonophobia

Fear of string. Oh get over it...skip along, don't hang!

5. Kinemortophobia

Fear of Zombies. WTF? Zombies are the living dead, of course we are scared of!

6. Anatidaephobia

Fear of being watched by a duck OK it's not a real fear in the sense that even psychologists would laugh if you said you had it. (It was made up by a man called Gary Larson but included here as it is funny)

7. Nomophobia

Fear of losing mobile phone signal - wow I have a phobia!

8. Pogonophobia

Fear of beards. I can relate to this as a woman - I really do not want to grow a beard and imagine how scary Christmas would be.

9. Graphoblogopinaciphobia

Fear of writing blog lists - you know the ones 10 Funniest Phobias, 10 Movies I Love - OK I made this up. It isn't real but maybe it should be

10. Cherophobia

A fear of having fun. Oh this is sad and if you have read this far and now feel scared because I made you laugh or smile then I am sorry (not sorry).




  1. Nomophobia - that's the scariest thing I've thought of for a while!!!

  2. hehehe! This did make me chuckle.
    I have Nomophobia!! lol


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