Friday 27 October 2017

10 Great Pages To Follow on Facebook

10 Great Pages To Follow On Facebook 

Facebook is an American social networking site. It is free to use and started as a means for college students to stay in touch when they were off campus. It is a website where users can upload photos and videos, chat and have instant messaging. It is an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends. Accounts can be private (the user chooses who can see what is posted) or public where anyone can access the content.

10 Great Pages To Follow on Facebook

Once you have followed family and friends what else is on Facebook? There is every thing from business pages to funny pages. Pages giving advice on everything from parenting to car maintenance. Here is my list of great pages to follow.

1. Cardiff Mummy Says - Not just for parents living in and around Cardiff, although there are always up to date listings of things to do, but for everyone. It has insights into all aspects of parenting.

2. Family Days Tried And Tested -  A fabulous resource for parents with lots of great ideas to entertain children that do not cost a lot.

3. Not An Effing FairyTale - Funny, sweary, and opinionated. Recommended by Jess Helicopter

4. Disney is My Happy Place - Everything you could ever want (or need) about Disney

5. Overheard in Waitrose - probably not actually ever said in Waitrose but oh so funny.

6. The Daily Mash - A satirical site that's full of spook news, or should that be fake news?

7. George Takei - Star Treks Mr Sulu. In his own words "a believer in, and a fighter for, the equality & dignity of all human beings". Recommended by Georgina from Pixie Does

8. Humans Of New York - This started as a photography project then progressed to interviews with ordinary New Yorkers. There are now versions from all over the world, check your city out. This is Cardiff, my city. Humans of Cardiff

9. Cardiff Now and Then - A local page with old photos, new photos and lots of memories. Maybe your town has one too?

10. I Fucking Love Science - The funny side of science. Jokes, quotes, memes and more.

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What are your favourite Facebook pages?



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  1. I follow quite a few of these...There is some really great pages on FB x


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