Tuesday 17 October 2017

Gingersnap Cinematic A4 Light Box - Review

Ginger Snap Cinematic A4 Light Box - Review*

Since I have had my own room, to decorate as I like, I have wanted a cinematic light box. They conjure up the nostalgia of the great movie era of the 40s. I love seeing all the images on instagram of beautiful rooms and a light box with a simple message spelt out. I just had to have one!
I was therefore really happy to review a  Gingersnap Cinematic A4 Light Box for the blog.

I plan to put it in my room with inspirational words or just silly messages. You know the sort of thing

When it arrived Bear was here, he wanted to see what was in the box so we opened it together. I was delighted with the amount of letters that come with it (85 plus numbers and symbols) and I was also sent an extra set of letters and symbols. Bear loved it! He spent ages playing with the different symbols and making up words, although this one is not designed to be used by children (and does state on the box for adults only) Gingersnap do sell USB powered ones suitable for children. I think it would make learning spelling more interesting for any bored school child.

The box is black and white plastic, so fits nicely with any decor, and takes 6 AA batteries to power the led lights. I did gasp at this as all our batteries are already in toys and it seemed a lot but luckily there is a mains option. The 9v DC transformer is not supplied but it is a very common one. I had one in the house and I am sure lots of you will too.

It is light enough to be moved around the house and can be free standing or mounted on the wall. I love the idea of leaving it with messages on, silly love ones or more practical.

Light boxes have become very popular and make perfect gifts. This light box costs £15 and is available from GingerSnap.

What would you write on yours?

*Disclaimer - We were gifted the light box for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Ahh! I have one of these on my birthday wishlist. hehehe I hope my fella takes notice. They are really cool x

  2. I have a light box and am always adding comments, it is one of my favourite gifts ever!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! The coloured letters are ace and I love that you can fit Halloween on one of the lines, always a bonus for long words! I really love it, and I love your photos too! x


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