Friday, 27 November 2015

10 Fun Christmas Party Food Ideas

I'm not a cook, I'm definitely not a baker so these are just some fun ideas from around the web. A lot of these fun Christmas party food ideas do not need any cooking skills so Merry Christmas and Happy Eating!

1. Christmas Hats from Sweet Simple Stuff 

3 marshmallows covered in chocolate look like Christmas top hats

2. Cheese Snowman from Karladornacher

Snowman made from soft cheese

3. Strawberry Tuxedos from Practically Perfect PA

Strawberries dipped in dark and white chocolate to look like shirts and jackets

4. Melted Snowman Cookies from Wonderful DIY

Cookies decorated with icing and marshmallow for head to make snowmen

5. Reindeer Cup Cakes from Love It So Much

Cupcake decorated to look like reindeer

6. Frozen Cupcakes from CHARLIE HUNNAM MARRIED

cupcakes decorated with pale blue icing with snowflakes placed on top

7. Christmas Stocking Pizza from Pillsbury

pizza baked in the shape of a sock with tomato sauce and cheese to look like a Christmas Stocking

8. Cheesy Santa Pops from Foodiequine

Babybel cheese put on sticks and decorated to look like Santa

9. Mini Hotdog Christmas Wreath from Annabel Karmel

hotdogs wrapped in pastry placed in a ring and baked. Decorated with edible red bow.

10. Vegetable Christmas Tree from Zemmrate

Broccolli, tomatoes, peppers and cauliflower arranged in the shape of a Christmas Tree

I have done my best to find the original post of these images but if I have credited your image to someone else please let me know and I will happily change it.

What's your favourite fun Christmas food?



  1. These are fab ideas. I love the Christmas hats x

    1. I thought so too. Just a little bit of Christmas cheer :-)

  2. Wow! These are all so cute! I love the strawberry tuxedos - very creative!

    1. Strawberries and chocolate go together so well and these look so cute

  3. Oh wow these are all amazing, I love the melted snowman cookies and those Frozen cupcakes look delicious!

  4. Fantastic ideas - love the snowmen and the vegetable tree! Kaz x

    1. The tree is a great way to display veg for dips, could use anything and cheese too!

  5. I need to do some baking at Christmas for Hayden.
    Thanks so much for this hun - Love the reindeer cupcakes LOL
    Great post
    Charlotte x

    1. Hope your all up to speed on your baking, some of these look good enough to eat lol


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