Thursday 26 November 2015

A Cardiff Garden in November

November in Cardiff brings the threat of frost. It doesn't always arrive but a chill is in the air. The garden is starting to look unloved as we spend more time indoors and the days get shorter.

There are a few flowers refusing to give in to winter and a few that start their flowering now.

The seed heads, berries and hips give most of the colour and interest. A few of the plants are promising us a show later, like the camellias and pine tree.

Picture of purple aubretia through railings
Aubretia flowering through railings

Picture of yellow Jasmine flowers
Winter Jasmine just starting to flower

Picture of pink hydrangea flower
Hydrangea still flowering although the blooms are now small

Picture of purple pansy flower
Pansy just starting to flower

Picture of pink sea thrift flower
Lonely single Sea Thrift flower

Picture of yellow rose bud
Rose still in bud and flowering.

Multiple Seedheads of coneflowers
Coneflower seedheads

picture of faded hydrangea and discarded clay pots
Faded Hydrangea flower and discarded clay pots I need to tidy away

Brown flowerhead of hydrangea that was white in summer and pink in autumn
Hydrangea Pirymidalis. White then pink and now brown, but still beautiful.

Lots and lots of seed heads, like pom poms
Pom Pom like seed heads of Anenome

Brown seed head with glossy black seeds of agapanthus

bright red hips of wild rose
Red rose hips

white downy feather resting on sage leaves
Sage with downy feather

green leaves with white spots of laurel
Laurel stays looking good with promise of red berries to come

fresh green new leaves of Arum Lily
New leaves of Arum Lily that will get hit when the frosts come

pine needles and little buds of new cones
Our Christmas tree in a pot with new cones budding.

glossy green leaves and big fat green buds
Glossy leaves of camellia will stay throughout winter and in spring the buds will open to reveal pink flowers

tiny green leaves and small red berries
Cotoneaster berries already food for wildlife!

long hedge with brown leaves
The Beech hedge will keep its brown leaves for most of the winter

Tree branches against a blue sky with just a few clouds
The Oak's  have lost almost all of their leaves.

A pair of plastic green clogs, a watering can and a pot saucer.
My summer gardening clogs are full of leaves and mud. I must put them away.


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