Monday 16 November 2015

5 Lies We Should Tell Our Children

5 Lies We Should Tell Our Children 

Surely telling lies is bad? I'm not talking about white lies or malicious lies, I'm talking about lies that are good for our children. Fantasy. Magic. Stories. 

Some of the most precious moments in childhood are those filled with wonder and belief. I think it's harder in this day and age of the internet and 24 hour TV but I think it's a duty of all parents and grandparents to lie to their children.

Bear is only 11 months old but I have already started to lie to him. Here is my list of lies I will tell Bear before he is too old.

1. Fairies

This is my first lie. I have a very small wind chime in the garden. 

One day walking around the garden Bear could hear it and was looking around trying to find where the tinkling was coming from. I took him over to the tree.

"That's the fairy bell" I said "every time a fairy comes into Nanny's garden they ring the bell". 

He leant as far as he could to try to touch the chime, but no, it's for fairies, not for Bears.

Silhouette of fairy with butterflies on blue background

2. Father Christmas

I will tell Bear about Father Christmas. That he likes biscuits and milk. I will tell him that he must remember to put them out on Christmas Eve. That he should leave a carrot for the reindeer. When he's older he can help me put them out. I will tell him that Father Christmas will bring him toys, not everything he asks for because Father Christmas has to give toys to other children too.

I will tell him to look out the window to see Father Christmas go past. He may not see Father Christmas but he will hear his sleigh bells.

blue sky with stars and snowflakes and Father Christmas on his sleigh flying past the moon

3. Tooth Fairy

When his first tooth falls out he will put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come, take it away and leave him money. 

4. Magic

I will trick him. I will sing Two Little Dickie Birds and make them fly away and reappear. I will steal his nose. I will make a penny appear from his ear. If I had more skill I would produce a bunny from a hat.

Black top hat and wand on red background

5. Stories

I will tell him tales where animals talk and people are kind. Where bad people are always caught and punished and good people are always rewarded. I will start with "Once upon a time" and finish with "and they all lived happily ever after".

Cute dragon and children dressed as princess and knight

What lies do you tell your children?


Father Christmas and fairies images courtesy of Stuart Miles 
Stories image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS
Magic image courtesy of digitalart 
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  1. sounds like five good reasons to me. Mind and leave some allergy free milk and biscuits out for the elves that have allergy issues, we do every year

  2. Aw bless. My little girl is just so excited by father christmas this year, it's definitely a worthwhile lie to see her beautiful face light up.x

    1. Christmas is just the most magical time for children, I love it x


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