Wednesday 4 November 2015

10 Signs That a Baby Has Become a Toddler.

Bear is almost 13 months and is definitely a toddler. How can I be so sure? How can you tell if your baby is now a toddler?

What are the signs that the cute little baby has turned into a terrifying toddler?

1. Toddling

toddler pushing trike

Pretty obvious really, Bear can toddle so he must be a toddler. He is so cute when he walks, arms out like Frankenstein's monster. He can step over small obstructions and step around larger ones.

But that's not a toddler, that's a baby walking. A toddler grabs your hands and pulls you in the opposite direction that you want to go.

"Lets walk to the swings" oh no, not toddler. He thinks "lets walk over there into the wet grass" or  "I want to walk down that really steep slope into the puddle at the bottom" or "I must pick up and eat that delicious thing on the floor".

2. Nappies

Oh my! What happened to the baby poo that was hated so much? Now we have toddler poo. It made Grandad retch and our eyes water.

3. Shouting

toddler in highchair shouting

I remember the days when we all clapped and laughed at his first gurgle, at his little babbles. His first word. Well now he chats away in his own little language that vaguely resemble words and it's so cute;

Blueberry      "b..b"
Flower          "lowr"
Ball              "bol"
Book            "bkk"

Then he goes into toddler speak;

"Please may I have that?" becomes "AAHHH!!!AAHHH!!!AAHHH!!!" with a finger pointing at the object of desire.

4. Fearlessness

A baby is unaware of dangers but a toddler is fearless. Bear knows how to climb down from the sofa safely but has discovered the fun of launching himself from a lying position, off the sofa, face first to the floor. Only an outstretched hand and a perfect catch by Grandad saved the day - and Bears head.

He can also dive into his tent. A quick run up, arms outstretched in front, propelled forward with both feet off the floor. Just like a swimmer into a pool.

collage of 3 pictures of toddler getting onto sofa

5.  Exploring

Baby proofing the house was not too difficult. A few pillows propped against hard corners, a gate across the door, a tent to hide the music system and all it's lovely buttons, a fireguard not to save from fire but to stop him bashing it with toys and banging his head on the marble hearth.

He can rock his tent until it topples, he can reach so much further. The oven, the hob, the coffee table, the door knobs (only a matter of time and he will be able to turn them). Nothing is safe. Soon he will discover climbing aids.

toddler climbing stairsToddler proofing! I think I'll just get a padded cell.

6. Defiance

Bear knows what "no" means. He will continue to do whatever whilst looking you straight in the eye. He can shake his head to mean "no" but he prefers to arch his back, straighten his legs, scream and wave his arms. A simple no would do.

toddler sat on aquadoodle eating pen
Bear knows not to suck the pen, he sucks it then shakes his head. So that's OK then.

7. The Drop

Bear has perfected the throw. He can throw a ball or a toy or food, preferably sloppy food, across the room but only a toddler can do the drop.

Looking you straight in the eyes he holds something over the edge of the highchair and waits. It is always in the hand furthest from where you are sitting and he waits. As soon as he has your attention and you move towards him he just drops it to the floor, then looks over the edge and say's with regret "aww".

8. Helping

Helping to sweep the floor or do the washing or dust the furniture. Toddler Bear wants to help but he's rubbish at it. The broom is too big and he hits me and everything with the handle. The duster is boring so he eats it. The washing must never be in the basket or the machine it must be on the floor unless it is on the floor then it must be put into the machine. When the machine is on he must press all the buttons and then lean with his little face watching the drum go around and around.

toddler looking into washing machine

9. Role Play

He copies everything from sounds to actions.

toddler with mobile phone to his ear

He can make the noise of a monkey with actions "ooh ooh aah aah ooh ooh!"
He can jump like a kangeroo
He can huff and puff like Grandad
He likes to feed his baby doll or the washing basket.

toddler feeding basket with his bottle

10. Laughter

If you laugh, he laughs too.

Real laughter, not just giggles when tickled but proper laughter. Laughing with and at things. The sort that you end up joining in so everyone is laughing and no-one can remember why. Tears roll down your face and you have to take a breath.

toddler smiling straight at camera

I miss the baby but I'm loving the toddler.



  1. Oh these are all toddler signs for sure! Loving the poo one. It's a culture chock when they become solids, but also a welcome relief too lol. Helping and role play are definite signs they are growing up! It all goes too fast.... Great pictures too by the way xx

    1. Thankyou, photo's are so hard to get. They are all so blurry because he moves so quickly! I have hundreds of just a blurred streak lol

  2. Oh I remember this stage so well with my first and cannot believe I am only a few months away from this with my second - so much changes and so fast how quickly they become mobile and vocal - what fun :)

    Laura x

  3. Oh bless, look how grown up he is getting. These are all true but you saved the best till last. I love their hearty laughs xxx

    1. Yes, he's really laughing now. His mummy sent me a sound recording of him laughing today, it made us laugh with tears lol!

  4. What a cute toddler he is :) I'm loving watching his progress, he really is coming along so well! Reading this made me tired just thinking about what is in store for me!

    1. Lol! He really is a handful! I get tired thinking about it, but wouldn't change one little thing :-)

  5. Definitely! Looks like you have a toddler on your hands :) Can particularly relate to the 'role play', 'defiance' and 'exploring'

    1. He's definitely good at all those things, keeps me on my toes!

  6. Brings back so many lovely memories - I think I have blocked out all the troubles !

    1. Best way to go...Just remember the good times :-)

  7. I think you missed a big one - toddler tantrums! My 13 month old is not ready to 'toddle' yet but she is very much a toddler - with attitude! The dropping food part really annoys me, but how cute are they?! So much fun, not only can we make her laugh, but she makes me laugh every day!

    1. Haha! True, I wrote a whole post about tantrums. Just must have been having a good day lol


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