Friday 20 November 2015

Baby Clinic, Tots Club and MMR Side Effects

It's been a strange week. We had a few things planned, Berry Hill Farm on Monday to order our Christmas chicken. Baby clinic on Tuesday to get Bear weighed and measured. Tots club on Wednesday.

We started on Monday with the happiest, hungriest toddler ever and over the weekend he had given mummy and daddy their first kiss, on the nose (so cute!).

toddler sat on chair holding a sock
Bear sat patiently for me to take his photo and then put his sock on.

He was eating everything put in front of him not typical for Bear who is a fussy eater to say the least. He also handed back his fork and didn't throw it or food on the floor.

toddler in highchair happily stirring cup with spoon

He was so happy too. A little ray of sunshine. I really didn't want him to go home!

Then on Tuesday we were taking Bear to baby clinic to see the Health Visitor because we had failed to get to see her last week but the toddler that was brought to us was not the same one as yesterday. He wouldn't nap in the morning, he wouldn't eat or drink anything. Everything upset him and made him have a tantrum. Even his favourite cup and spoon only kept him happy for a minute.

toddler sat on floor with cup, spoon and pearl barley
Bears first encounter with pearl barley.

Bear wanted to go out but the weather was appalling. Rain and really windy, the tail end of storm Barney so going to the park was out. I put him in his all-in-one and wellies and went into the garden. He loved it! He loved the wind and rain but mostly stirring dirty water with a brush. It was the first time he had been happy all day.

toddler in snow suit smiling holding brush

After lunch we went to see the Health Visitor. 8 babies in front of us, oh no! I could have done without this as he was so grumpy.

toddler looking through glass balustrade

toddler holding one wellie and wearing the other
Bear likes to wear his wellies on his hands and feet

Grandad and I took it in turns to follow him around the waiting room. He walked over to one mummy and baby and picked up a blanket that they had dropped on the floor and gave it to the mummy! Then gave himself a round of applause. How cute is that?

Eventually it was our turn and I tried to put Bear down so he could be measured. Bear was not going to cooperate at all. He refused to wave, or clap or talk. He just screamed everytime I put him down, Nanny's boy. We thought he may be teething but we knew it was more than that. When he is well he only wants Grandad, when he's poorly he wants Nanny.

We managed to measure his length and weigh him. The Health Visitor was happy with everything so off we went. We decided that if he fell asleep in the car on the way home we'd carry on so he could nap. His eyes looked heavy and tired but he was fighting sleep so we drove around, after 25 minutes he was still wide awake so we headed for home. Just as we were almost home he fell asleep. So another 30 minute drive around the lanes of North Cardiff.

They are lovely lanes, through a couple of small villages and quiet although this day they were full of flood water and debris from the trees blown down in the bad winds. So over a few pot holes and some Daktari* driving we got home.

On Wednesday Bear was so poorly! He was so hot although Mummy had taken his temperature and it was normal. We thought we'd wait and see what he was like after his breakfast but it was soon obvious he was ill and Mummy text me to ask me to give him Calpol. We only give Calpol when he really needs it and after about 40 minutes his temperature started to come down. He didn't eat breakfast but went to sleep for his morning nap quite easily.

I talk to Mummy via email and while he was napping she suggested it may have something to do with his jabs. I checked the piece of paper the nurse gave us last week, rash, lumps in throat and so I googled it.

The NHS website stated;

About a week to 11 days after the MMR injection, some children get a very mild form of measles. This includes a rash, high temperature, loss of appetite and a general feeling of being unwell for about two or three days.

Definitely MMR side effects.

We decided to go to tots club anyway because he wasn't infectious. He hasn't been for ages because we would rather be outside but now the winter is here we are going each week.

Toddler playing with toy saucepan and fries

We turned up an hour late, I'd got the times wrong. Silly me. So we only had 20 minutes but Bear loved it!

Toddler playing with toy saucepan and concentrating hard

Toddler holding toy saucepan and fries and crouching
Bear loved the saucepan and fries!

So a mixed week, from perfect toddler to unhappy sad toddler. I know his jabs are important but I wish they didn't make him feel so bad. Lets hope next week he's full of beans again!

Did your little one have any side effects from their jabs?

*Daktari. Very, very old TV series set in Africa and at the beginning of every episode the Jeep drives through flood water very fast so it sprays up really high on both sides.



  1. Awww, bless him. It's horrible when you can sense something is up and wondering what it is. Glad to hear it was nothing too sinister though. None of my three had any reactions to the injections, but I know other children who have. I love that he gave himself a round of applause. Very cute x

    1. Luckily he's over it now :-) It just makes us feel so helpless.

  2. Oh i hate it when they are ill. They are so vulnerable and you always feel helpless. Eva had a temperature and was generally unhappy after her vaccines but luckily I was still breast feeding through most of them so that was a comfort. Love the first picture of him x

    1. Even though we know it's for the best jabs are truly awful, only teething is worse!


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