Monday 2 November 2015

Thornhill Farm Shop and Animal Paddock

We wanted to go out today but because it was very foggy we didn't want to travel far. Only a few minutes drive from our house in Cardiff is Thornhill Farm Shop. We pass it often and knew it had a shop and a cafe but hadn't visited for a long time and until I read CardiffMummySays post I didn't realise that they also had an animal paddock, free to visit for customers.

So after Bears morning nap we headed out. The lanes to the farm were very foggy and it got worse the closer we got. We were glad to have decided to stay close to home.

The car park was full and the overflow carpark was busy too. I wasn't expecting that as the children had gone back to school.

The little cafe looked really busy but we were here to see the animals and visit the shop. We walked past a small play area that looked great on a dry day but a bit damp today and onto the very wet grass towards the animals.

We were not disappointed.

Toddler holding onto fence

There were chickens

a chicken

And donkeys

donkeys in a field

And pigs

a pig by a fence in mud

And llamas

4 llamas and a toddler being held by an adult

And horses (They had disappeared into the fog)

picture of the back of a toddler looking into the fog

And pigs (same pigs but just had to see them again!)

pigs and pig house in a field of mud

And goats

goat by a gate and a fence looking straight at the camera

And guinea pigs

Guinea pig and his house in a pen

And a climbing Frame.

Tractor and trailer climbing frame

There was also a station to wash your hands. We didnt visit it because we didnt touch any of the animals. They were all a bit large for Bear and damp too!

sign advising visitors to wash their hands

Bear loved seeing all the animals and he would have also loved to have a go on the little trikes that are in the play area but it was all a bit wet today.

It's free to visit except in December when they bring the animals inside for their Christmas Experience and charge £2 per person.

We finished our visit in the shop. It sells a wide range of produce and something for everyone. Next time I think we will definitely stop for coffee and hopefully to see the views.



  1. Oh this is so cute. I used to love going to the petting zoo when I was a little en. I hope you all had a lovely day!

    Amanda. ||

    1. It was great, just a little damp. We will definitely go back!

  2. Do they sell goats cheese? I always love the goaty smell at Cefn Mably and then am disappointed cos they don't sell it! I need to take the kids here. I keep hearing about it!

    1. You'd love it, lots of nice food just in time for Christmas. I didn't look at the cheese but I'm sure they do

  3. We love it at Thornhill farm shop. The views arw gorgeous. I also took Eva to the Christmas stable there last year which she loved. Definetley stop for coffee and a cake next time. Their cakes are lovely xx

  4. I'm sure the views are great, we will definitely go back.

  5. This sounds a fab place - I couldn't have walked past the coffee shop though! Kaz x

    1. Haha! We should have stopped. Everyone says they do great cakes :-)


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