Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #2 and Best Recipe of the Week


This is my second week on Slimming World and my first best recipe of the week. We Grandad has been experimenting and trying out lots of different recipes. He has also adapted some favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognese to be Syn free too. The Best Recipe of the week is definitely potatoes with peppers and I have included it here for you. Firstly, how did my second week go?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Our Weekly Journal 16th Jan 2017


It was an awful week weatherise, rain and cold. Grandads's hip is getting worse and still no sign of an operation so we were confined to the house a bit more than usual. Bear and I did manage to get out a few times to the local park where he played football or collected sticks to throw from the bridge into the stream. The weather has been so mild that the stream is still clogged with greenery and the water flows slowly. Not the best Pooh Sticks Bridge at the moment. 

Bear knew it had been raining and we took a cloth to dry the slide but he was still disappointed to see the play equipment wet. "Wet, wet" he said "play, play" shaking his head looking sad. 

At the top of the slide are numbers and letters engraved into the sides. Bear likes to read these. He says the letters he knows, always starting with A but continuing with whatever he fancies.

Come on Nanny! Open the gate.

Our-weekly-journal-16th-jan-2017-toddler-on top-of-the-slide
A, B, C.....
 Wednesday was back to Tots club, Bear made a paper snowman in anticipation of all the snow that was possibly coming our way. Sadly we had none, I so wanted to see his face watch the snow fall as Bear hasn't seen any yet. We still have a few months of winter left so there is lots of time for snow, I hope.

Investigating a necklace that he then gave to the little girl sat next to him..ahhh
Bear is resisting getting dressed in the mornings so quite often is only partially dressed. Twice now he has had no trousers on and under the guise of drawing on paper he has drawn on his legs. This means soaking in the bath and scrubbing them clean. Bear loves bathing but hates having his hair washed, we had tried everything, so it's just a matter of getting on with it as quickly as possible. He does love being wrapped up in a warm towel after though, and carried like a baby.

"Baby! Baby!" he shouts as he tries to climb out the bath with soap in his hair.

Oops, Bear has to scrub the pen marks off!

All cosy in a warm towel wrapped like a baby
On Thursday Mummy came home early as she was feeling poorly and Bear snuggled up on the sofa. He was watching you tube on my  the iPad when his eye lids got heavier, his head nodded and he lay down to sleep. Bear has never fallen asleep without motion or in his own bed. Aww so cute, mummy and I watched for ages.

Just too much ZZZZZ
On Friday it was Grandad's birthday so we went out for lunch and then on Sunday met up with the rest of the family for Sunday lunch. It was lovely and sunny but still very cold.

Collecting sticks on Sunday
 We had a great week even though we didn't go far or have snow. How was your week?



Sunday, 15 January 2017

#MySundayPhoto Number 3


#MySundayPhoto Number 3 is of Bear sleeping. This is not just any sleeping no this is Bear sleeping. Bear has never, ever, ever fallen asleep unless he is in his bed or in something moving. A car, his buggy or us rocking him as a baby. He usually has a nap in the afternoon but the last week or so he has dropped it.

On Thursday his Mummy was feeling poorly and came home early. Bear snuggled on the sofa with her watching you tube on my his iPad. Slowly his eye lids became heavy, his head nodded. Every time his head fell forward it would wake him for a second. Then he lay down and slept for half an hour. 

We just sat and watched.



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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Thoughts On Saturday - The NHS and Thundersnow

Thoughts-On-Saturday-The-NHS-and-Thundersnow- image-of-another-place-by-anthony-Gormley

Thoughts On Saturday - The NHS and Thundersnow

The NHS. 

Many of you know that I am a retired nurse, I was a theatre sister for over 30 years, so the NHS is close to my heart. One of the reasons that I retired was the amount of paperwork that I was expected to do. More paper, more numbers and less about patients. I understand that the government needs figures because they have set targets and these need to be measured. I was saddened to see two headlines this week. 
The first that the Red Cross had declared the NHS an humanitarian crisis and secondly that there had been major alerts at many hospitals. A&E departments were overwhelmed due to the lack of available beds and the amount of people attending. 
Not surprisingly these two reports are linked. I didn't know that the Red Cross is called in to help the NHS when they reach a crisis and need help. The Red Cross helped get people home, by providing transport and settling them back in. This frees beds for those waiting in A&E. The signal that sets this in motion is the A&E target of getting people seen and through the department in less than four hours. Like all things in the NHS it is never one thing or one departments fault when it all fails to work.  
If patients cannot leave hospital and go home then there comes a point when no more patients can be admitted. This puts pressure on everyone but A&E departments are at the front line.  There are winter pressures that never seemed to stop and give relief in the summer. Wards are closed due to contagious illnesses such as flu or norovirus. Routine operations are cancelled. The very public image of ambulances queueing at A&E hide the hidden misery of people suffering because their operations are cancelled and the knock on effect that waiting times become longer and longer.
I do not know the answers. Not having easy access to a General Practitioner (GP) and people not being able to go home because they need care are two of the main problems. Reducing the numbers using A&E as an alternative to their GP and getting people out quickly would reduce the pressures on the NHS. Lets hope the government really does care and doesn't just use a sticking plaster when major intervention is needed.


I wanted a little snow. Just a little of the nice stuff, big fat flakes that flutter down and make everything pretty. Enough for a snowman but not enough to disrupt transport or schools. This didn't happen for me and for lots of people. I live in Cardiff we have the Gulf stream to keep our Winters a little warmer but wetter. Others were warned of Thundersnow. As I understand it, Thundersnow is a storm with snow instead of rain and it is rare in Britain. It must be, I'd never heard of it before.
Some had snow but worse was the threat of flooding on the Eastern coast. Towns and villages were evacuated, and people were in fear of their lives and homes. 
Some were brave? Reckless? and stayed behind. The high tide with the winds to make it flood are due at midnight Friday, fingers crossed the weather forecasts were wrong and all are OK when we get up Saturday morning.

Did you get snow? I'm still hoping for some, just a little.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Week One with Slimming World


Week One with Slimming World

Last Tuesday I joined Slimming World on-line, it's now been a week and yesterday I did my first weigh-in. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017 Dates To Remember


2017 Dates To Remember

If you like to plan ahead it helps to have a list of special dates. I scribble them down in my journal but forget to look so I have made myself a list. I have also made a pinnable image so it's always exactly where I need it. 
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