Monday 9 November 2015

How to Make Fabric Shelf Trims

I wanted to make shelf trims to brighten up Bears nursery. I used fabric because I wanted it to match the curtains I had made but I'm sure these could easily be made out of card.

For the bunting you will need;

Bias binding the length of the shelf
Two complimentary scraps of fabric and the same amount of Bondaweb or equivalent
Hot iron
Glue gun (optional)

knitted pirate sat on shelf with green bunting as trim

green plain and striped fabric and a piece of Bondaweb

Sandwich the Bondaweb between the fabrics, wrong sides together and iron with a hot dry iron.

fused fabric on cutting mat

Make a template for the bunting. Just a small triangle with the top shorter than the sides. Cut the fabric into strips and place the template on the fabric. Cut triangles turning the triangle upside down so no fabric is wasted.

triangle template on strip of fabric

Cut a piece of Bondaweb the same width as the bias binding, iron onto the bias binding and carefully remove the paper

piece of Bondaweb and bias binding side by side

Position each triangle in the bias binding and fold, alternating fabrics and then iron. The Bondaweb will stick it all together.

triangles placed in fold of bias binding

Attach to the edge of the shelf. I used a glue gun.

bunting attached to shelf

For the train shelf trim you will need;

Bias binding or tape the length of the shelf
Scraps of fabric in 4 different colours
Iron on heavy weight interfacing
Bondaweb or hot glue gun
Template of train and carriages (I got mine from

Trim attached to shelf

If using tape then miss this step, I only had bias binding so I used Bondaweb to fuse it together. Cut a piece of Bondaweb the same width as the bias binding, iron onto the bias binding and carefully remove the paper. then fold in half and iron.

bias binding folded in half lengthways

Trace the carriages and train onto the interfacing. Remember the train will be reversed when cut out. The carriages are the same both ways. 

carriages drawn onto interfacing

train drawn onto interfacing

Iron the interfacing onto the fabric

interfacing ironed onto red fabric

interfacing ironed onto yellow fabric

Cut out and arrange onto the tape.

cut pieces positioned on tape

If you have a glue gun stick each piece to the tape.

small carriage with glue on it

If not cut a small piece of Bondaweb and iron in place.

small carriage with bondaweb on it

Attach the trim to the shelf. I used a glue gun.

I haven't decided what to put on the shelves yet, just Samuel Crowe looking a bit lonely.

shelves finished

whole room with shelves in it


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