Thursday 22 October 2015

A Cardiff Garden in October

I love summer. I love the sun and the warmth. This summer in Cardiff has been cold and wet but the Autumn! It has been beautiful, sunshine and dry. Ok some days have been a bit chilly but the sunshine, it's been glorious.

The trees are changing colour, the spiders are weaving their webs. The shadows are getting longer as the sun is lower in the sky and the nights are drawing in. This is the last of the warm sunny days in Cardiff until the spring. November brings dark evenings, rain and cold.

Many of the summer flowers are are still putting on a fabulous show, The hydrangeas are at their most beautiful and I'm going to try drying some. I accidentally dried one last year by putting it in water and forgetting to top it up, it lasted all winter. I hope it works again this year.

stones piled on a stick with autumn leaves around it
Beach stones with holes in threaded onto a metal stick.

shadows on house wall
Shadows are getting longer

spiders web on fence
Spiders web

Oak leaves on grass
Oak leaves on the grass

Acer leaves red and pink
Maple is looking glorious

Red and green leaves of Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper almost all red

Virginia creeper and path covered in leaves
Virginia Creeper tumbling over the wall 

log with fungus
Log in log pile with Fungii

Passion flower
Passion flower still in full bloom

Clerodendrum bungei - Glory Flower

red snapdragon

yellow rose
Rose in full bloom
Yellow rose buds
Promise of more to come

blue sky no clouds with airplane
Beautiful blue sky no clouds, only a plane

oak tree
Oak going yellow and orange before the leaves turn brown and fall

2 pink Hydrangea flowers hanging upside down in the sun on brickwall
Hydrangea flowers cut ready to dry

2 pink Hydrangea flowers hanging upside down inside house on wall
Even if they do not dry they look beautiful

pink hydrangea flower in vase with water
In a vase hoping it will dry slowly
What is your favourite month?

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