Monday 5 October 2015

10 Games to play with a 12 month old

Bear is one tomorrow and while the games he played at 10 months were mostly instigated by us and designed to help with his development, the new games he plays now are those he starts. He of course still enjoys all the games he played at 10 months.

These are his favourites at the moment

1. Chase me

He loves being chased. Bear can only walk a few steps unaided but can run holding onto furniture and he can crawl really fast. We either get down on all fours and crawl after him saying something like "I'm coming!" or standing, quickly shuffle our feet towards him again saying the same. He just crawls away as fast as he can giggling and laughing until he's out of breathe.  He loves it.

baby stood by sofa laughing

2. I'll tease you

Bear made this came up! He had learnt to hold books out that he wanted us to read. Then he would hold toys out and not let go. This has developed into Bear holding something out, we go to take it and he takes it back teasing us and laughing. I have no idea where he learnt to do this as we just don't tease him.

3. Slide on anything at all

Anything that will slide across a floor is good. Two hands on top and off he goes. Magazines, plastic container lids, boxes anything at all.

4. Climb into everything

Washing baskets, toy boxes, cardboard boxes.

collage of baby in washing basket, bag and tunnel

5. Wear sunglasses and hats

Any hat will do, we put it on...he takes it off. This would last forever but we always get bored first. He also likes to do the same with a pair of oversized sunglasses.

collage of baby taking hats off and putting sunglasses on

6. Shopping

Bear loves shopping. He has for a while he loves to ride in the trolley and to point at things he wants and then chew them. He also likes to smile at everyone.

7. Riding on red things

He loves being pushed on ride on toys, he prefers red toys. Red is his favourite.

collage of baby riding on red car and red tractor

8. Velcro

Undoing Velcro, I wonder if there is a word for that? Grandad has a wheat bag that can be heated and put on aching joints to soothe. It has a Velcro fastener that Bear loves to undo repeatedly.

Collage of baby pulling velcro strap

9. Tearing paper

He loves tearing up paper. I sprinkle the bits onto his head and tell him its snowing.

picture of baby sitting with scraps of paper on their head

10. Drawing

  If I stick a piece of paper to his high chair table he loves to scribble with his washable pens.

collage of baby drawing and finished scribble on fridge

What games does your little one love to play?


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