Friday 30 October 2015

How to Carve a Pumpkin

There's lots of time to practice carving pumpkins and this only takes about an hour.

It's as easy or difficult as you want it to be. If you just cut a face it will take about half an hour, more intricate designs like Tinkerbell take a bit longer. It took me about an hour and a half, but that was taking photo's at each step.

Pumpkin with stars and moon lit up
Stars and Moon

So what do you need?

Pumpkin (large ones are easier to carve intricate details)
A pointed knife
A large spoon
An electric drill and bits (3,4 & 5mm for Tinkerbell. 8mm for Stars and Moon).
A kebab skewer or similar
A metal ice-cream scoop (optional)
A template eg. Tinkerbell (There are lots of printable templates on the internet)

Collage with picture of items needed listed above

Choose your pumpkin, don't worry if they are not perfect. This year they are all a bit green and warty. I think it just adds to the Halloween fun!

2 pumpkins

green and marked pumpkin
A bit green and warty but great for carving

 Cut off the top slanting inwards so the lid will not disappear when you put it back on.

Pumpkin with lid cut at an andle
Be sure to slant the knife when cutting the lid

pumpkin without lid

 Scoop out all the seeds using a large spoon.

Pumpkin with spoon scooping out seeds

 Either draw your design.....

Pumpkin with drawing of stars and moon on it

 or stick a template on.

Pumpkin with Tinkerbell template stuck on it

Using a kebab skewer or similar make pin pricks all around the template. Ensure the tips of fingers, wings etc. have a dot.

Pumpkin with holes pricked around template

Mine left marks from the printer ink but if it doesn't just rub flour into the holes and they will stand out. Using the point of the knife cut out the shapes.

Pumpkin with knife cutting out shape

Do not try to cut the shape in one piece. Do it in bits.

Pumpkin with small piece removed

When Tinkerbell is cut out use a drill and different sized bits to make holes. These should "wave" down from Tinkerbell and then up again.

Pumpkin with Tinkerbell cut out

Pumpkin finished but not lit up

Using the ice cream scoop take out as much pulp as needed behind the stars so the holes can be clearly seen from inside.

Pumpkin with ice crean scoop inside and holes clearly seen

For the Stars and Moon, drill holes in the middle of each Star and then cut out the shape. Again thin the pumpkin behind the stars.

2 pumpkins finished but not lit up

Pop candle, wax or battery, inside and enjoy! I used a portable light for the photographs.

Pumpkin with Tinkerbell lit up

Pumpkin with Stars and Moon lit up lit up

Happy Halloween!



  1. Wow, love the Tinkerbell one! These are fab and a great step-by-step guide x

  2. Thankyou. Love their little faces when they trick and treat and see the pumpkins!

  3. They are both stunning!!! I love the Tinkerbell one the best though! x


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