Tuesday 27 October 2015

Baby Friendly Finger Food Recipe - 7. Eggy Bread (or French Toast)


When we think of finger foods for babies we sometimes forget the really easy old favourites and French toast, or eggy bread as we always call it is one of these.
Most of you will know how to make this as it is super easy, but for those who do not I have included instructions with pictures.


1 Piece of Sliced bread
1 Whole free range egg or egg yolk and a little milk (formula or breast would be great too)
Olive oil to fry


Break the egg and beat with milk if using.

Whole egg broken on white plate

Soak the bread in the egg, turning the bread over so both sides get covered.

Piece of white bread soaked in egg

Fry until golden brown in the olive oil. I use olive oil because I love it but you could use rapeseed oil too.

Eggy bread in frying pan

Cut into fingers.

Plate with slice of eggy bread cut into fingers, and the crusts cut off


Toddler in highchair eating eggy bread.
Bear loves Eggy Bread and his face is clean for a change.

If your child is older this is delicious with tomato ketchup.

I haven't tried it but some people like it with jam!



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