Sunday 11 October 2015

How to Make Spooky Halloween Bunting

Orange bunting with black silhouettes of cat, bats, old house and witch

How to Make Spooky Halloween Bunting  Now is the perfect time to start this quick project. I love Halloween and I love bunting so I thought I'd combine the two and make some spooky halloween bunting.
I chose a plain orange fabric and backed it with a stripy one. If you used a patterned fabric you could just make the bunting and not put on any felt cut-out shapes. You could also buy ready cut shapes and use them.

It's not difficult to make and would look great across a doorway or in a porch.

What You Will Need

Basic sewing equipment

Sewing machine
Tape measure
Iron and ironing table
Rotary cutter and cutting mat - optional

paper to make template
2 yards of bias binding
Black felt
Bondaweb® or similar (joins two fabrics together with the heat of an iron)


Make a template that is 7¼" x 7¼" x 7¾"

Paper template of triangle with dimension

Iron the fat quarters

orange and orange striped fabric

Place the fabric right sides together and make sure one edge is straight. 

fabric on cutting mat with ruler on top

Cut 6 triangles of each fabric using the template. I like to use a rotary cutter and mat. I cut through both pieces of fabric at the same time. If your rotary cutter is sharp you can easily fold the fabric again and cut through 4 layers. Turn the template at each cut to avoid wastage.

collage of 3 pictures showing how to place template on fabric

picture showing 6 triangles on cutting mat

Cutting 2 layers at once makes it easier to sew as the triangles are already aligned .Stitch along the 2 shorter sides about ¼" away from the edge.

picture of sewing machine foot showing stitches close to the edge

triangle sof fabric showing seams

Cut off the points of the triangles and turn the correct way. 

triangles with the tips cut off

Use the tip of your scissors to make a sharp point.

tiangles turned the correct way

Iron the triangles.

tiangles neatly pressed

Cut the little bit off that is now poking out.

triangle with arrows showing what to cut off

Iron the bias binding in half. I do this as it makes it so easy to place the triangles and then I do not need to pin them in place.

iron on bias binding

Place the first triangle about 8½" from the end. Sew in place keeping close to the edge.

sewing machine foot on bunting
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Keep adding triangles leaving about an inch between each one.

bunting and sewing machine showing gap to leave between 2 triangles

Neaten the ends. If you have used patterned fabric your bunting is finished!

bunting draped on plain wall

But mine is plain and I want to decorate it.

I copied some images from the internet onto plain white paper. The cat I printed but the other images I literally traced from the screen as I'm hopeless at getting the printer to print the exact size I want. I used Clip Art Queen for some of my images but there are loads to choose from.

Lay the Bondaweb® over the drawings glue side down and trace them onto the paper side of the Bondaweb®.

bondaweb placed on top of image

bondaweb with image traced onto it

 Do this with all the images, fitting them into gaps  to reduce wastage.

bondaweb with all the images traced onto it

 Iron the Bondaweb® onto the felt

bondaweb pressed onto black felt

 Roughly cut around an image.

part of felt cut out around image

 Then cut it out carefully. Do this for all the images.

all images cut out

 Before you peel the backing paper off lay the images onto the bunting arranging them as you like best. Then remove the backing paper and place onto the bunting, iron in place using a damp cloth.

black cat with backing paper half off

black cat placed onto bunting

old house on bunting

 Finished! Just hang up for all to admire.

bunting in circle showing all the images



  1. I wish i'd listened in home economics at school as I am useless at stuff like this and these look fab!!!

    1. They really are easy, if you make them with themed fabric the only skill you need is sewing in a straight line! Oh and how to use scissors lol. But with little ones time is the hardest thing to find.

  2. This bunting looks great! What a great idea x #love2blog

  3. Wow! That is so good and so effective! It looks fab :) The images are so cool :)

    Gemma xx

    1. Thanks Gemma, lighting was a nightmare, it kept coming out peachy coloured not orange! Hence the picture of it on the fence in sunshine :-)

  4. This is fantastic, and so effective! I think even I could manage this, and I am very un-crafty!

    1. It really is easy if you can sew in a straightish line :-)

  5. I did a fashion degree so spent quite a few years sewing, and have to say I really miss it! I love this bunting and it really is easy to make. I bet so many people will see this and be inspired to sew, because it's not as hard as it looks! X

    1. It really is easy. I did it! Love that you have a "Bear" too! Just read your about us page. Have confidence, you can do it! Wish I had more followers because I would support your new venture. Good luck xx

  6. This looks fantastic! I would love to be able to give this a go in time for our Halloween party. You have made it look so easy but I bet with my sewing skills mine wouldn't turn our even half as good as yours x

    1. Honestly it is as easy as it looks! I was really happy with how it turned out and all you need is to be able to sew a straight line.

  7. That looks really simply, I love how a simple row of bunting can change the room and make it feel all spooky!

    1. It really does, and its not very difficult. I loved making it.

  8. This looks so cool. And not too complicated... great to be able to use it over and over again too :)

    1. Thanks Kate, I thought so too. I just love bunting and this could be adapted to any occasion.....mmm maybe I'll make some more, Christmas or a Birthday :-)

  9. What a nice job. The bunting looks so cute with the cut outs.

    1. Thankyou, they were so much easier to do than I thought. I loved doing it.

  10. This bunting is so cool. I seriously need ti get myself a sewing machine.

    1. It looked wonderful in the window this Halloween. I'm sure there's a way of making it without sewing....I need to do a practice.

  11. Love your bunting - I am useless at anything like this - but do admire your skill :) Kaz x


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