Friday 2 October 2015

Bear's Day Out at St Fagans National History Museum

It has been beautiful weather here in Cardiff so on Wednesday we thought we'd give the tots club a miss and go out for the day instead. We waited until after Bear had his morning nap and drove the few miles to St Fagans.

St Fagans is an open air national history museum. Like all Welsh museums it's free to enter but parking costs £5. The museum has cottages, shops, a toll gate, a church, school and so much more. 

view of shops with a few people and dappled sunlight
Gwalia Store

There are over 40 buildings moved from their original place in Wales and rebuilt in the grounds of St Fagans Castle. The castle is an Elizabethan manor house and there are magnificent gardens. We didn't visit either on this occasion due to lack of time.

We thought that being a weekday it would be quiet but there were loads of coaches parked up and when we went around the grounds there were lots of school children. This actually added to our trip as Bear is not quite one yet and there is little for him to do. He loved watching the people and especially the children.

child on bike watching children walk past
Bear watching the children walk by

blond child looking at something in the distance
Bear watching the children play

We had hoped to go to the farm to show him the animals but it is closed on weekdays due to building works. There were a few black cattle in a field and some statues of sheep but the highlight was a slowworm making its way across our path. "ssssnake" we said "Look at the snake" Bear liked the snake it made him smile and point. (I know it's a legless lizard but that's too hard for an 11 month old to say).

picture of a slow worm on path with leaves
A slow worm

Bear had a go on the tractors.

child examining button on tractors steering wheel

child on tractor with adult pushing
Are you watching me Nanny?

Child on red tractor with adult helping hand

We had a picnic in the grounds but the highlight for Bear, which was totally unexpected was the fires in the cottages.

child on bike with bib eating and staring into the distance
Watching the smoke rise whilst having his picnic

Whilst eating he watched with fascination the smoke coming out of the chimney of the nearby cottage so after lunch we took him inside to see the fire. He was entranced. We forget that in this age of central heating many children do not get a chance to see a real fire. He had the opportunity to smell the smoke too!

Child on bike in doorway
Some buildings are buggy friendly although there is a step at this one.

We took his buggy and his bike and had no problem where we went although if you want to go inside the buildings you may need to leave buggys etc outside. 

There is lots of space for picnics. A little cafe and spotless toilets. The baby change is in the ladies toilet (sorry dad's) and the changing table is placed right next to a hot air hand dryer. 
Bear hates the noise of them so we changed him in the car.

It is a fabulous place to visit we will definitely be going again.

What's your favourite museum?



  1. Excellent, I love St Fagans

  2. What beautiful pictures, little bear is adorable. I'd love to visit here. It reminds me a little of Bemis an open air museum in Durham. What a great place and a massive bonus that it is free to visit. Thank you so much for linking up with #FamilyFun really happy to have you join us!

    1. We are very lucky to have it on our doorstep, just need the nice weather to really enjoy it all


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