Sunday 16 July 2017

#MySundayPhoto Number 29


#MySundayPhoto Number 29

This was not the walk we had planned to do this weekend. Bears parents went out on Saturday night for a last night out together before the baby is born in August so we had Bear overnight. Both Mummy and Daddy woke up vomiting. It can only be something they ate last night, definitely not a hangover, and they did share a dessert.

There was no way either of them could look after Bear so they all stayed here and we took him to Cefn Onn park to ride his bike. No sign of a bike you say. No, I am walking behind carrying a bike, a helmet, wellies, two coats......




  1. Aww! I hope Bear's parents are feeling better now.
    hehehe! Bear seems to be having a great time up there. x

  2. A beautiful photo, oh no I hope they feel better soon

    Thank you for linking up


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