Monday 17 July 2017

Our Weekly Journal 17th July 2017 - Knights and Sleepovers


Our Weekly Journal 17th July 2017 - Knights and Sleepovers

Bear loves being a knight. We bought a sword at Cardiff Castle and he loves to take it with him, when we remember, to the other castles we visit.
On Monday it was a grey day with drizzle and the possibility of heavy rain. We decided to visit Castell Coch. It is near to our house and most of it is under cover. So sword in hand we set off, only to be turned away a few yards from the Castle by a police officer as a tree had fallen into the road. So we turned around and took a diversion ( another few miles) turned into the castle drive to be met by a lady from CADW. She told us the castle was closed because of "health & safety" and they were waiting for a crane. people couldn't get in or out of the castle.

I suggested a walk around the sculpture trail at Forest Fawr but was met with a very loud NO! Castle, I'm a knight!

So Caerphilly Castle it was. Theres nothing wrong with Caerphilly castle, it is in fact a very lovely castle and we visit often. It is just that most is outside and it looked like rain. Also we had just driven quite near on our diversion so had to retrace our route and drive another few miles to the castle. We entered Caerphilly from a different direction to the one we are used to and I direct Grandad down the wrong road and we got stuck in Morrisons car park. What a busy carpark! It took ages to drive out and go back around the one way system to the correct car park. So far we must have driven fifteen miles to get to a castle about four miles away. We eventually found an empty space, what is it in Caerphilly on a Tuesday morning that attracts so many people?

We let Bear lead us around the castle and he directed us to places we had never been before. Grandad couldn't manage spiral staircases before so we avoided them. Bear found a "Knights Room" and many other interesting rooms.

Bear in the claw of the dragon at Caerphilly Castle

Bear with his sword in the "Knights Room" at Caerphilly Castle


Tuesday afternoon it continued to be wet and horrible, but this did not stop Bear. He put his shoes on and a back pack and declared he was going out. I could not persuade him to put wellies on but did get him to put on a coat and take his Aunty's Barbie umbrella. The umbrella must be twenty-five years old.


Tuesday I was Bears friend but this changed again on Wednesday. I struggled to change his nappy and put on his clothes. I even put his trousers on back-to-front and only noticed when we were at Tots. It was the last Tots before the holidays and Bear played nicely. He also sang some songs but half way through looked at me and again shouted "Don't look at me!" and burst into tears. He refused to sing anymore and sat on Grandads lap and just did the actions.

I do not know why he reacts like this. It does make me feel very sad, then I get short tempered as I just can't do anything without an outburst. They call them the Terrible Twos for a reason.


Bears Mummy is thirty-six weeks pregnant and her and Bears Daddy wanted one last evening out before the new baby arrives. We would have Bear for a sleepover on Saturday and they would go for a meal in town and come back to ours (it's nearer than back to their home). We had a lovely evening with Bear, he found the DSLR camera and was a veritable David Bailey, taking photos of everything he could. Although mostly the floor as it was too heavy to hold and press the shutter release.

Mummy and Daddy had a lovely evening too and a lovely meal. Sunday morning they both woke being sick and very unwell. It got worse through the day and I am sure they had food poisoning. This meant we had the day with Bear and another sleepover. I hope they are both better on Monday.

Bear with his Aunty's fire engine, it must be twenty years old and still works

Bear checking the settings on our DSLR

and took lots of photos
We walked around Cefn Onn park and Bear rode his bike, he quickly got tired and had to be carried. This is another landmark as Grandad is now strong enough to carry Bear on his shoulders for short distances.

Is it just me that gets annoyed with selfish people? We got back to the car and found a car parked very badly in the disabled space. I checked and they were not displaying a blue badge. By their lack of thought someone was deprived of a space and those next to them did not have the extra space at the side of the car that they may need to get in. 


How selfish is this? Not a blue badge on display either.




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