Monday 10 July 2017

Our Weekly Journal 10th July 2017 - Goodbye Dummies

A Mickey Mouse for Bear instead of his dummy, ignore the dirty footprint on the car seat 

 Our Weekly Journal 10th July 2017 - Goodbye Dummies

It was a very important week. We dropped from four days having Bear to two and the dummy fairy came and took all his dummies away. Bear's mummy had it well planned. She bought a toy each for when he is in the car and one for bed. Also an extra toy as a treat. They were put in a bag with a card from the dummy fairy. He was so good, and never asked for one all week. He didn't nap though and his only nap was in the car on the way back from shopping.
On Monday we shouldn't have had Bear but his Mummy was feeling poorly so we took him for a walk up Caerphilly Mountain. Only he didn't walk, he ran, all the way. We were up the mountain in ten minutes and back down again in five. We didn't want to go back so quickly so we crossed the car park and walked through the woods. He was so good, until he fell in some brambles ouch!

Mickey Mouse came too

Bear ran all the way up Caerphilly Mountain - and down again. Which meant we had to aswell.

The views from the top are wonderful, and it is always windy.

We walked through the woods and Bear was the guide, holding back the brambles, and the holly, with his stick.

Bear asleep in the car seat, without a dummy. He has been so good.

The weather has been lovely, Tuesday started out raining but soon cleared to be a warm and sunny afternoon. Grandad had finished making a water wall for Bear and he played with it in the rain, and then in the sunshine. He was so funny standing in the reservoir even though he had a paddling pool right next to him. He tried swimming in the pool but it was only an inch deep, he has come on so well with water since he started swimming lessons.

He is still a little bit off with me, but nowhere as bad as last week. I just have to be the adult and ignore it. I am sure it is just a phase and he will soon be back to normal.

It was warm and raining so we washed the patio furniture and Bear played with his new water wall

If there is water then stand in it

Bear putting his head in the water and then he laughed as the water ran down his face.

We were invited to see The Vicar of Dibley at Cardiff Open Air Festival, and to have a pre-theatre supper at Number 10, Cardiff. On Saturday we went shopping in town and ended up having a wonderful lunch at Giovannis (with a naughty Peroni). It felt like being on holiday. We have started walking again and walked in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons at Garwnant. It was wonderful to be out again.


We love being outside and walking, do you have any favourite walks?



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  1. Looks like the fresh air and activity thoroughly wore him out!


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