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Our Weekly Journal 23rd July 2017 - Upset Tummies


Our Weekly Journal 23rd July 2017 - Upset Tummies

Oh Dear! This week did not start, or continue well. Bears Mummy and Daddy wanted one last date night before the new baby arrives and we planned for them all to stay over on Saturday night. We retrieved Aunty S's fire engine from the loft to entertain Bear. It must be almost twenty five years old and still works. We have never worried about gender relevant games, toys, careers and so on. Aunty S wanted a fire engine, so we bought her one, much to the bemusement of some family and friends.
Mummy and Daddy went out for a meal and Bear found the Nikon camera I had accidentally left out. He loved looking at the screen and taking pictures. Even though it is very heavy for such small hands he quickly learnt how to hold it and press the shutter release. I will do a post of all his photos when I remember to load them to the computer.




Mummy and Daddy came back from a lovely evening and a delicious meal, but next day when i woke they had both been really unwell in the night. we thought it must be food poisoning as they had shared a dessert.

They just didn't get better so they stayed with us and on Monday Grandad took Mummy into hospital. They put her on a drip and did traces to check the baby was OK, thankfully all was well.

When it was decided she had to stay overnight we returned and while I took her overnight bag, Grandad took Bear to the park. He played for ages with another boy. He looks serious in this picture but he really did have a good time.


When we got back we had a delivery of these beautiful flowers. They were from Mummy and Daddy for looking after them. I love flowers and these were so beautiful but obviously not necessary as I would do it again and again if needed.





I must admit it was a hard week. Looking after Bear twenty four hours a day, and two sick people and all the washing. We still are not sure exactly what it was but three other mothers were admitted to hospital at the same time with similar symptoms, so most probably a bug. 

I succumbed for one night. I could kick myself. I am an experienced theatre nurse. I know how to wash my hands and to barrier nurse but somehow I got a very small dose of the bug. 
Bear had been sick at the nursery on the previous Friday so all I can guess is that he had the same bug and I certainly wasn't careful around him. Lots of cuddles and kisses.

Thankfully we are all recovering and looking forward to the rest of the summer.


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  1. Thank goodness you are all feeling better now...
    Despite the sickness it looks like you had a fun week. Those flowers are gorgeous. How thoughtful x


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