Monday 3 July 2017

Our Weekly Journal 3rd July 2017 - Don't Look At Me!

Don't look at me Nanny!

Our weekly Journal 2nd July 2017 - Don't Look At Me!

This week has been hard, we had two mornings of screams and tears as Bear was left with me. He wanted his Mummy, which is OK but what was so hard was that he didn't want me. He kept saying "don't look at me" "don't talk to me". This meant that for the other two days I stayed upstairs while Grandad took him from his Mummy. He only wanted Grandad, I was not allowed to do anything for him.

We did have some good moments and the highlight was Bear singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and 5 Little Fishes, all by himself with only prompts fro me. He is growing so quickly, our baby is becoming a boy.

He visited the dentist last week and has all his teeth through, they are looking good but the dentist thinks that the dummies are affecting his top teeth. It has been on the cards for ages, taking away his dummies, so his Mummy and Daddy have decided this weekend to go cold turkey.

Bear has been warned, he has been told of the dummy fairy who takes them away for the babies. I'll let you know how it goes next week, although it's his parents not us doing all the hard work.

Mummy started maternity leave this week so from now we will have Bear two days a week instead of four. It will be a rest for us all. Bear also did his first full day in nursery on Friday. I know his Mummy was anxious and missing him but so was Grandad and me. We thought about him all day. Was he happy, eating and so on. He actually loved it, even though we all know he needs to play with children his own age it's always a worry handing your most precious thing over to strangers.

A happy boy looking out the bedroom window. This was a few minutes after he was screaming at the front door when his Mummy left him with me

It's the sign of summer, podding peas.

Bear realised that he could see his face in a spoon and it changed if he turned it 

Bear pushing a dolls buggy, but that's not a doll!
At Tots on Wednesday Bear showed so many new talents. He sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all the way through (video below) and he made up a new game. Without any adult help he and another boy took it in turns to be pushed in a dolls buggy. Health & Safety were very anxious but Nanny and boys Mummy thought it was great.

He sang every song with all the actions, some I didn't even know he knew (Wind The bobbin Up and The Turtle Song are only ever sung at Tots). There were no birthday children to have their choice of songs so the group leader asked for suggestions and Bear asked for Wheels On The Bus. Then they all sang it, that was a tear in the eye moment.

We talk about his expectant baby brother all the time, I tell him how babies cry and poo, (which always makes him laugh, POO is a word he uses all the time, every other word "sofa, poo; door, poo" he laughs every time too). I also said that the baby would be too small to hold a bottle so he helped his baby feed, then I showed him how to make the baby burp. This raised more laughs (baby burping is so side splitting). He then burped his baby. Bear is ready, he can cope with a new baby.

I rarely take photos of Bear with a dummy for lots of reasons but mostly he only has one in bed and the car and I don't like the look of them although I am not against dummies. In fact I prefer them to thumb sucking as thumbs cannot be taken away. So when he fell asleep on Thursday I took a snap, he had his baby with him (all fed and burped) and looked so lovely. Next week the fairies will have his dummies, so for me at least this is my last dummy picture. Oh he is growing up too quickly!

Finally, we had a lovely afternoon tea at Park Plaza on Saturday in celebration of the new baby. Which of course meant new baby clothes from John Lewis. I could spend a fortune there.

Our week has now changed from four days to two.. The time from learning that we would be having a brother for Bear to his Mummy going on maternity leave has just flown by. He will be here before we know it and I need a name for him for my blog. I need to put my thinking hat on, fast!


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