Tuesday 18 July 2017

Garwnant - The Wern Walk


Garwnant - The Wern Walk

Difficulty - Easy/Moderate
Parking - £2 all day (at time of posting machines do not take new £1 coins, I'm told the cafĂ© does not give change for parking).

We previously visited Garwnant with Bear. He loved the sculpture trails and the playground so we will bring him back another day. Our walk this week was a route called The Wern Walk. It is described by Natural Resources Wales (who manage Garwnant) as moderate, I would say it's on the easy side of moderate. It is two miles long and their expectations are that it will take an hour. We strolled, took lots of photos and completed the walk in under an hour. The route would be fine for children but one path is loose gravel and it may be difficult for buggies.

The walk starts in Garwnant Visitor Centre car park and like all walks that start in large car parks it is not easy to find the correct direction. Leaflets are available from the centre but the maps are not detailed at all.

This walk is best done anti-clockwise so that the climb up is via the small winding path and the route down is along the forest track. I dislike walking uphill along long, never ending tracks where I can see the route, but walking down is OK.

With the visitor centre in front of you and Llwyn Onn reservoir to your right, head left, past the Mountain Bike trail and follow the exit road downhill (1). On the bend of the road (2 + 3) there is a sign for the Wern Walk and a path ahead. Follow this path to it's junction with the forest track. 

It had been very dry when we were there but there was a stream to cross (4), it wasn't deep but after rain I am sure it would be much deeper.

View across the top of the visitor centre towards Llwyn Onn reservoir

The Taff Trail passes through the centre, follow the Exit signs (1)
The Exit road bends to the right and our path goes straight on (2)
Entrance to the Wern walk (3)

The path is loose gravel with views over the valleys below



It had been dry so the stream wasn't very deep, I suspect it would be deeper after lots of rain (4)
The route follows the Taff Trail (5) and there are sign posts directing the way. It also passes Wern Farm (hence the name). The farm is secure and no sign of any animals (including dogs) when we passed. If like me you are nervous around large farm animals and barking dogs, this is not a problem on this route.

The path follows the Taff Trail which is clearly marked (5)

There are resting places along the way. This is near Wern Farm

When the path ends and meets the forest track turn left and head downhill. There are good views across the valley and on the track is a giant chair. Mr P climbed up to enjoy the view but it was similar to those we had already seen so I didn't try it. I am sure children would love it.

This is a giant chair. Lots of fun and designed to be stood on to gain better views

Just before the next T junction is a path to your left (6). This takes you back to the car park past some of the sculptures on the sculpture trail.

The little path leading back to the car park (6)

There is a fun sculpture trail with all the favourites including The Gruffalo and The BFG

There are marked trails from the visitor centre suitable for all ages and abilities. The Taff Trail runs through the centre and goes all the way from Cardiff to Brecon.

We have written about our previous visit to Garwnant - A Toddler Explores. We plan to do another walk from the centre that goes in the other direction and follows the road next to to Llwyn Onn reservoir.

This walk is part of our bid to get fitter and stronger following Mr Ps hip replacement. We plan to walk weekly and each week do longer, and more strenuous walks so that we can return to walking in the mountains of South Wales.



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