Friday 28 July 2017

5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Muddy Creatures


5 Minute Games For Toddlers - Muddy Creatures

5 Minute Games For Toddlers just take a few minutes to prepare and mostly use things that you would already have in the house.
Bear loves to watch You Tube, he loves the reveal videos. The ones where creatures or toys are pulled out of a messy gloop or a bowl of smarties. I have been meaning to do this for him for ages and this week the sun was shining, we had the paddling pool out and I thought it would be a perfect game for him.

WARNING - This is by far the messiest game I have ever played with Bear. I am so glad we did this outside.

For Messy Creatures you will need;

Plastic creatures - I used a mixture of snakes from Tiger store and Lidl Stikeez (a free toy)
Plastic mixing bowl
Cocoa Powder

The proportions are not important, just mix some cocoa powder, flour and water in a bowl until it is gloopy, the consistency of thick cream, and stir in the creatures until they are hidden.

Then just let the toddler take them out and reveal them by washing in a bucket of clean water. We had lots of fun guessing the colour of the toy before they were rinsed off.

Toy plastic snakes and Lidls Stikeez (it was a free toy with purchases at Lidl stores) any water proof toy creature will do.

Stir the creatures in until they are hidden

Then rummage for the creatures. Lots of messy fun.

just rinse off the gloop

A rainbow snake revealed

Messy, safe fun

Bear loved it and played for over an hour, just taking the creatures out, washing them then mixing them in again. He did taste the mixture but it is very bitter so he didn't actually eat it.

Bear was naked as it was a very warm day so the mess wasn't a problem and the gloop rinses off skin really easily. What I wasn't expecting was Bear taking the bucket of brown water and pouring it into his paddling pool! It rinsed off very easily and as the ingredients are natural they do not damage the garden (although we poured it down the drain).

Bear then enjoyed helping to clean the table with a cloth and clean water. Win, win.

Bear was fascinated with the brown, chocolate gloop in the paddling pool and spent ages hiding and finding the creatures.
Bear enjoyed cleaning up too
It looks awful but actually washed out really easily
If this is all too much mess, (and I repeat, it was the messiest game we have played but so much fun), then half fill the bowl with raw rice and lentils and hide the creatures in it. Let your toddler rummage around and find the creatures. Any mess can be easily vacuumed up.


If you would like more ideas (that are not so messy) then check out  10 Five Minute Games For Toddlers

Have some messy fun!


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