Monday 31 July 2017

Our Weekly Journal 31st July 2017 Sun and Rain


Our Weekly Journal 31st July 2017 Sun and Rain

We only have Bear two days a week now so we try to fill them with fun things. Tuesday was forecast to be fine and Wednesday would be rain. Bears mummy had to go to the dentist on Tuesday so we decided to take her so we dropped her off and went to the park. Every week we see a difference in Bear, going to nursery has made him so confident with climbing, he tackles everything.

The man had just finished setting up the trampolines so Bear had a go. I can't believe how good he is at bouncing, he watched the bigger children and even had a go at landing on his bottom and bouncing back onto his feet. Well he landed on his bottom but needs a little more practice before he can bounce onto his feet. His trampoline at home is just a baby one, that he holds the handle and bounces. I'd love to get a big one but I don't think we have the room.


When we got home it was still really warm and sunny so we got the paddling pool out and I decided to do some messy play. It was so messy! We call it Muddy Creatures. Just a bowl of cocoa powder, flour and water and it kept him happy for hours.


On Sunday we had promised Bear a bus ride when he came to us, he doesn't forget. He asked on Tuesday but we told him tomorrow, then on Wednesday morning he asked "Bus?" oh Yes, we do not break a promise.

In a break between the rain showers we walked to the bus stop and went into town. We didn't have a plan, it was just the ride really. The rain came down so we headed to the Old Library. They host the Cardiff Story Museum and a small section of toys for toddlers.

It soon became busy and just as we thought about leaving a fire alarm went off. We were escorted up a dark stair well and out into the rain. Bear thought it was great fun. Then the fire engine arrived. Bear and Grandad went and had a closer look and Grandad explained all the bits to him.



We stopped for lunch at Jamies Italian, they are doing free meals for children throughout the holidays. What I really liked was all our food came out together and Bears was ready to eat. They had cooled it while they prepared ours so he could tuck in straight away. What a fantastic idea, we will definitely go back.


 We now have Mondays without Bear so we are trying to do something for us. We love walking and now Grandad is pain free we can walk again. On Monday we walked to the top of Sugar Loaf, not a huge walk, just 4 miles but for us it was a real achievement.




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  1. It's been a real mixed bag weather wise here too. I didn't know Jamie's Italian were doing free kids meals, good excuse to give them a try!


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