Wednesday 10 May 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #18


Slimming World Weigh In #18

I have been very busy this week, lots of walking and running after my grandson so I should have lost weight. Except (there's always an except isn't there?) I have had a sneaky biscuit, chocolate coin and lots of wine. I even had butter on my bacon sandwich. I say sneaky because I haven't counted the Syns. I've just thought "oh one won't hurt" or "I deserve a treat". This, I know, must stop or I will be back to eating as I used to, and that means putting on weight.

How Am I Doing This Week?

I lost half a pound. Not a lot but after my lapses I think I got off lightly. I have so many nice clothes I can't wear and I am determined to get back into them!

I will do this.
I will count my Syns.
I will stay on plan!

What Have I Eaten This Week?


Boiled eggs and fruit


Bacon sandwich
Salmon, chips and green beans
Slimming World burger in wholemeal roll with salad
Ham and roasted sweet potatoes, chips and broccoli
Pizza chicken with a green salad
BBQ lamb chops, Slimming World burger, salsa and corn on the cob
Roast chicken dinner


Chicken, chips and Slimming World Chip Shop curry sauce
Sea Bass, pasta, tomatoes and olives (1.5 Syns for 8 olives)
Steak, peas and chips
Slimming World Chinese ready meal; Sweet and sour chicken and chicken chow mein
Baked potatoes with spring onions, cheese and baked beans
Chicken soup
Salmon and green beans with tomatoes and olives


Brazil nuts
Müller yoghurt
Greek yoghurt

Weight lost so far = 1st 10lbs

Main picture; Pizza chicken with salad; Top right anti clockwise; Ham, roasted sweet potato, chips and broccoli; Slimming World burger; Steak, chips and peas; Yoghurt, banana and blueberries; Slimming World sweet and sour chicken, chicken chow mein; Salmon and green beans; BBQ Lamb chops, salsa, burger and corn on the cob.

Surprisingly my favourite meal this week was one of the easiest, baked potato with spring onion, cheese and baked beans. It's easy, Syn free if use the cheese as your healthy extra and very delicious. It's easy to make but if you are not sure how to bake the perfect baked potato then click on the link and it will take you to the recipe.



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