Monday 8 May 2017

Our Weekly Journal 8th May - Roath Park and National Museum of Wales


Our Weekly Journal 8th May - Roath Park Rec and National Museum of Wales

I didn't write a journal last week. Two reasons. One I didn't go anywhere except shopping and two, I was too busy caring for Mr P. He's doing really well and recovering nicely.

It was bank holiday on Monday so only had Bear three days. On Tuesday we caught the bus and went to Roath Rec. Its really called Roath Park Recreational ground (I think!) but locally it's always been called Roath Rec. It's the part of Roath Park near Pen Y Lan Road and is mostly a huge playing field with a childrens playground at one end. The highlight of the playground is the slide. It is built on a man-made hill, so never far to fall, but a steep climb up. Every journey at the moment starts with a bus ride....

Great view out of the window, the sun is shining and we are off!

Bear climbed this hill millions of times, there are also wooden step which he climbed an equal amount of times


We had a great time at the playground and stayed much longer than planned. It was a glorious day so why not? Bear just loved the slide and there is a very short video (4 seconds, so pop over and have a look) of him screaming as he descends on our Facebook page.

Waiting for the bus; A statue of a girl in the Gorsedd Gardens, outside the museum; The doors of the museum are so grand, I love them; Baby dinosaurs arrive 27th May; Wiggly worms; drawing worms; Ouside the civic buildings; The fountains, say "cheese"; Just about awake on the bus home 

On Wednesday we visited the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. This meant another bus (Bear loves buses) and as his mummy works in town we were able to have coffee with her before we went home.

The museum is fascinating, and free, they still have a wriggly worm exhibit and from 27th May they will have baby dragons. Baby dragons! We cannot wait to go and see them. I think I wore Bear out, he struggled to stay awake on the bus home, but like the toddler he is he managed not to nap.

Thursday we voted and Bear had a run around the local playing fields. We have been so lucky with the weather and it looks like it will last a few days next week too.





  1. Ahh! It looks like you have had a fab few days out...The weather was lovely last week wasn't it x

    1. It was great, I think we have a couple of good days left then cold and rain for the weekend

  2. what a fab park and I love that slide, could Bear go up on his own or did you have to make numerous trips? glad he enjoys travelling on the bus

    1. I went up once and he was happy on his own although my heart was in my mouth most of the time

  3. Wow, sounds like you've had loads of fun recently!

    1. We just love being outside when it's sunny. I am very much a fair weather person, I hate the cold!


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